10 Anti-aging tips for men and women

Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference wrinkles-wise

Anti-aging tips

Applying anti-aging creams and eye creams are an excellent step to prevent and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and liver spots. But these products are so effective because they are bridging a gap, which means that by improving some of lifestyle habits you can reduce this gap and delay these signs naturally. Check out the following anti-aging tips to learn how to do it.

Best anti-aging tips for women

Overall, women have much sensitive and fine skin than men. The hormonal changes they are subjected to during their life also take their toll on the skin resources, depleting them quicker.

For this reason, anti-aging tips for women are quite basic and even obvious in some cases since the simplest changes to their lifestyle can impact the most on their skin.


Always use sunscreen and wear sunglasses

anti-aging tips suncreen sunglasses

Using sunscreen is fundamental regardless of age, but as the years go by the cell turnover slows down. This means that the same cells will be exposed for longer periods of time to the UV rays and are more likely to become overpigmented (liver spots).

Likewise, as the skin is depleted of its resources, it begins to lose flexibility and its rebound ability, giving rise to wrinkles and fine line. When you don’t wear sunglasses, you squint more often to adjust to the light, thus straining the skin and promoting crow’s feet.

Adjust your beauty regime

Skin types can change with age. Because you had oily skin when you were younger, it doesn’t mean you still have it now and that is why you should understand your skin at any point.


Before, you might have needed harsh products to keep acne at bay, but now that your skin is becoming even more sensitive, these same products can be damaging it by removing essential natural oils.

Likewise, when you are young, you don’t need products with collagen because your skin has plenty of this protein. By the time you’re 30, though, the production of this component decreases and the skin begins to lose its firmness. Thus, your new beauty routine should include products or serums with this protein.


Exfoliate anti-aging tips

Exfoliation is often overlooked when it comes to anti-aging tips and yet it is essential. Doing it increases the cell turnover which, as mentioned before, slows down with age. It then helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of liver spots, wrinkles and fine lines.


Plus, it is fundamental to clear impurities, debris and dead cells that might clog the pores and strain the skin when it is becoming less capable of fighting back.

Get your beauty sleep

On average, women need to sleep more hours than men because sleep deprivation has more harmful consequences for their health, which also puts a strain on the skin appearance.

However, the expression “beauty sleep” comes essentially from the fact that your skin uses that rest period to regenerate and recover from the aggressions it was exposed to during the day. If you don’t sleep enough hours, you don’t give it enough time to repair itself and prepare its defenses for the following day, leaving it more vulnerable and prone to aging signs.


Plus, not sleeping enough will also deem any night serums or night anti-aging creams less effective because they don’t have enough time to act.

Drink plenty of water

water anti-aging tips

Drinking plenty of water is very important to keep the body healthy, but it also impacts directly on the appearance of the skin. Cheap and easy anti-aging tips like this are usually called into question, but all you need to do is to drink barely any water for a day to see your skin become duller and with a loose feeling.

Hydration is fundamental to keep the skin cells healthy and capable of fighting external aggressions, but it also inflates them giving the skin a plumper and fuller look that disguises aging signs.


Best anti-aging tips for men

The anti-aging tips for men don’t stray too far from those for women. Although the latter have a higher tendency to present these signs earlier than their male counterparts, the way skin ages and declines is the same for both.

Avoid smoking

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the risks of smoking, and these are valid both for males and females. What you might not know is that smoking is also an accelerator of aging signs.

The inhaled carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the bloodstream, starving the skin cells. It also reduces the levels of vitamin C, essential to the production of collagen, the protein that gives firmness to the skin.


On top of these, as the skin loses its elasticity, the repetitive gestures of contracting the face to pull the smoke will result in deeper wrinkles.

Drink less alcohol

Drink less alcohol anti-aging tips

Most anti-aging tips apply both to men and women and increasing the intake of water is one of them. But sometimes it is not enough.

Reducing the consumption of alcohol is also important as it promotes the loss of body hydration and moisturization. Plus, it dilates blood vessels worsening blemishes.


Protect against the sun rays

Men tend to overlook the use of sunscreen with a high SPF even more than women. Nevertheless, the risk is the same for both.

Frequent unprotected exposure increases the chances of developing wrinkles, fine lines and overpigmentated spots.

Treat your skin

Treat your skin anti-aging tips

Don’t let old prejudices damage your skin and take good care of it. Apply a moisturizer every day to support its regeneration and help it build the necessary protections against external damages.


Also, don’t just use any soap to cleanse your face or you might be taking away natural and protective oils with the impurities too. Find a soap suitable for your skin type and gently wash your face every morning and evening before applying the moisturizer.

Shave with care

Shaving is one of the male habits that harm the skin the most. While cutting the hairs, the blades also glide over the most superficial layer of skin, drying it and removing part of its cells.

Make sure the blades on your razor are sharp and have no signs of oxidation to ensure their glide easily and reduce the risk of infection. Apply a good and preferably moisturizing shaving cream too.


In the end, apply a soothing moisturizer to calm the skin and support its regeneration. Avoid aftershaves with alcohol or irritants since this will put a strain on the skin, making it spend more of its resources to recover.

Always look on the bright side of light

Do you want to know the most remarkable anti-aging tip? Accept your age. The more you worry about it, the more flaws you’re going to find, the more stressed you’re going to be and the more wrinkles you’re going to have because you keep worrying and stressing about it!

Accepting your age isn’t always easy, but if you wear it with a smile on your face and light spirits, even if you have wrinkles you will look younger at anyone’s eyes.


And just look on the bright side of it! There are some many advantages to getting older and yet most people only remain focused on the outside appearance!

Check out the video below to hear some of the positives of aging as told by Jane Caro in a funny way. Men might not relate to her positive take on not having boob pain any longer, but her message is universal: the natural loss of your beauty teaches you to become aware of the other beauties that you have.


Written by Catarina Alves

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