9 benefits of beet juice and how to prepare this drink

Beets are often overlooked but they can be valuable for your health

beet juice

Beets are one of nature’s best foods for making you feel better and for having a beneficial effect on many aspects of your health and overall wellness. Beet juice is particularly an excellent form to consume this veggie as you can get those benefits more directly and have greater bioabsorption.

What makes beet juice so great?

beet juice benefits

What are some of the many benefits of juicing with beets, after all? Educate yourself to find out why beet juice might just be the next big staple of your diet or training regimen!

1. It’s very low in calories in proportion to its health benefits

Unlike many other things you can juice, which have an abundance of both sugars and caloric intake, beets are low-sucrose and low-calorie, making them ideal for those who are careful about what they put into their bodies.

This is especially important if you are working with any sort of healthy routine or regimen and want to maximize the potential of what you consume! Remember, eat smarter, live better.

2. They contain a little bit of everything

From carbs in an easily digestible format, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, to a wealth of other benefits. Vitamin B-6, essential to good energy levels, is plentiful, as are betain, phosphorus, selenium, and other major mineral assets.

Pound for pound, it’s pretty hard to find a lot of plants which have more to offer than the humble beet.

3. Beets are soothing and calming

beet juice soothing

You’ve heard of “cool as a cucumber”? Beets are actually that way. They may reduce body temperatures, and they’ve been shown to reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. It’s just one of the advantages of “red juice”! This could be due to the naturally-occurring effect of the diminution of systolic pressures.

4. Liver protection

Beets can do for your liver what antioxidants do for your heart. It can potentially even regrow liver cells. Betaine also fights fatty acids, which can be huge.

Everyone wants to maintain their youthful look and vitality. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that beets might hold multiple keys to that critical door.

5. Soothe your neurons

Beets have been shown to have beneficial effects on neurochemistry–not unlike antidepressants, but all-natural. They can help you stay calm even under pressure. Build up a supply of beet juice to help improve your health and mind.

Try to drink some at least 2-3 times a week, and consider having more than that during the winter, when the ravages of Seasonal Affect Disorder at their height.

6. Help your stomach

beet juice digestion

Beets help your liver, and that means that what you try to digest may go down much more easily. That’s really important – it’s a huge overall boon to the flora within your digestive system, as well as your mental health, as a tightened stomach leads to a stressed-out mind.

Plus, your liver is going to help you take in medicine, as well as assisting in dealing with alcohol. Your liver “sorts” some of what you put into your body, and that’s always going to be a benefit.

7. Beet juice can counteract the negative effects of alcohol

Have you heard that alcohol reduces the number of brain cells in your body? Beets can help put a stop to that by shunting some of those negative effects into positive parts of your body and general personal system. It also helps the enzymes in your bloodstream deal with that alcohol – that could mean fewer hangovers.

(That doesn’t mean you should use it as a reason to drink too much – everything in moderation! Enjoy yourself, but stay smart with your health!)

8. Beet juice can clear your mind

The natural nitrates in beet juice become nitric oxide, which means you need less oxygen to do more. Plus, it frees up your mind to convert stress and difficulty into calm, clear focus.

9. Pain relief

beet juice Pain relief

Got chronic pain from tendonitis, arthritis, or other inflammation? Beet juice could be part of your solution, as its anti-inflammatory effects can soothe you like aspirin, but without the negative side effects on your stomach.

What are the best ways to prepare beet juice?

Not everyone is up for drinking pure, plain unadulterated beet juice directly. Don’t worry! There are some great options for letting you enjoy the benefits and get great taste, too.

1. Beet juice and lemons

Lemons have their own massive benefits, from antioxidants to vitamins. The tangy, tart aspects of those lemons can also really set off the sweetness and the natural sugar in beet juice.

This can be a great, revitalizing morning beverage! Be sure to juice the beets thoroughly, and make certain to strain out the beet seeds.


  • 4 beets;
  • 2 lemons.

Decide on how much beet juice you want. A simple rule of thumb is that four beets make up one glass. Al you have to do is blending the beets together with the juice of the two efficiently squeezed lemons and drink it.

2. Ginger beets

If you thought beets with lemon were tangy, try ginger and beets! It’s zesty and delicious.

It’s best if you use fresh ginger, grated by yourself. But you can, of course, get a piece of ginger and put it into your juicer.

Just be careful – it’s possible to get a little too much zing and that’s not always great for your palate!

Juice it up!

Whatever your health goals and plan might be, beets are an essential part of it! Be sure to include them in your diet, and make sure to get them fresh from your grocer (organic beets are even better). Take care of your health, and watch what goes into your body. Give yourself the best – because you deserve it.

Happy and healthy juicing to you!