8 Health benefits of honey besides pleasing any sweet tooth

Find out why mothers and grandmothers know best when it comes to this sweetener

benefits of honey

You may remember your parents or grandparents suggesting a spoonful of honey when you had a sore throat. You probably complied because they were older and wiser. But was there any science to that? It turns out they weren’t off the mark as helping with sore throats is indeed one of the many health benefits of honey.

8 health benefits of honey that will make it taste sweeter

Honey’s benefits are impressive for their strength. However, one of the things that makes this sweetener stand out is that it can help with different ailments, from weight loss to skin burns and even support a more active lifestyle with its energy boost.

Honey can help you lose weight

benefits of honey weight loss

One of the issues with losing weight is eliminating sugar from your diet. By switching to honey as a natural sweetener, you can keep your blood sugar levels balanced, while still getting a sweet taste. The transition is significantly easier than simply giving up sugar. Additionally, raw honey can actually reduce your appetite!

Reduces issues caused by seasonal allergies

Many people suffer during the heavy pollen seasons and allergy medications fly off the shelves in the springtime. When most people are enjoying the nice weather, those with allergies are dreading it.

Instead of wasting money on medications, try raw honey. Raw honey can actually fight off the offending pollen and keep you breathing well. A tablespoon a day is what researches say!

All-natural energy booster

If you suffer from low energy levels, you’ll love this benefit!

Raw honey, a natural sweetener, gives you the sugar boost that creates energy. At the same time, it doesn’t cause any of the strain on your organs that typically processed sugar would. Raw honey is ideal to consume before or after exercising to keep your fuel tank full. Those who suffer from depression may benefit the most from this natural boost.

An immune booster

benefits of honey immune

In addition to being an energy boost, raw honey can also boost your immune system. It has properties that are anti-oxidizing, which helps to prevent disease and keep your body functioning the way it should. This is great news for anyone with an immune disorder.

A natural sleeping aid

Eating raw honey before bed will actually boost melatonin levels, naturally!

This means you’ll be able to fall asleep much easier, as though you had taken a sleeping pill. Honey also provides a deeper sleep, as your body isn’t stressed looking for energy. The slight boost to insulin levels helps your brain to function properly. In the morning, you’ll wake up well-rested and ready to face the day!

Can be used for healing properties

Eating it it’s not the only way to enjoy the benefits of honey. You can also apply them directly to the skin to enjoy its healing properties.

Honey not only helps to heal the wound but keeps it from getting infected as well. Research suggests that honey mixes with the body to create an antibacterial surface, preventing infection. It can also be applied to burn wounds to help induce healing and reduce pain and irritation. There are even honey-infused adhesive medical strips!

Reduces the risk of developing diabetes

benefits of honey diabetes

This is one of the benefits of honey that more care requires and it can be a double edge sword.

Since honey helps to naturally boost insulin levels, it can be effective in treating diabetes, as well as preventing the disease. This relies on the reduction of processed sugar in favor of raw honey.

By reducing sugar consumption, the risk of diabetes is reduced as well. There are other benefits too, such as a reduced risk of acne breakouts and a reduced risk of getting gingivitis.

But be careful! Not everyone reacts the same way to the insulin spike. You will need to try a small amount of honey and see how it reacts with your body. Regularly test your blood sugar levels and make sure they are healthy.

A natural cough syrup (like grandma always said!)

As we circle back, the last item on this list of benefits is the cough syrup.

The amount of honey depends on the age of the person with the cough. It ranges from half a teaspoon to two or three teaspoons. The severity of the cough may play a part in the amount too. Honey also helps to soothe a throat that is sore from coughing and reduce the mucus secretion that comes along with every cold. Replace your cough syrup with a bottle of raw honey and you’ll see a difference.

Word of caution

These benefits of honey only apply to its raw version. Overly manufactured and processed honey doesn’t have the same benefits as it loses part of his properties and nutrients in the process. Sure, it can still help a sore throat, but it won’t help boost your immune system or suppress your appetite, like unfiltered and unpasteurized honey can.

If you’re unsure about the purity of honey, you can try out the tricks in the following video to check.