12 Benefits of pineapple that can improve your health

Find out how this sweet fruit can help promote your well-being

Benefits of pineapple

Pineapples are beneficial to the health because they are loaded with vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. Among the many benefits of pineapple they help improving the immune system, building strong bones and making digestion easier.

Get to know the 12 main benefits of pineapple and prepare to be surprised with how such a sweet and common fruit can bring so much added value to health.

12 Benefits of pineapple that proves health can be sweet

Benefits of pineapple that prove health

Pineapples are loaded with Vitamin C and they also contain plenty of manganese. They are an excellent dietary fiber source and contain a beneficial enzyme called bromelain. Since pineapples are loaded in manganese, they offer good antioxidant properties. Moreover, because they contain plenty of thiamin, they help the body produce more energy.

Even though they are very sweet, a single cup of pineapple chunks contains only eighty-two calories. Furthermore, pineapples do not contain any fat. They also do not contain cholesterol and are low in sodium. Other than this, they also provide the following health benefits.

Boosting the immune system

Pineapples contain a lot of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that easily dissolves in water and is responsible for fighting cell damage. The Vitamin C contained in pineapples helps to combat many problems including, but not limited, to those such as heart disease and pain in the joints.

Keeps the bones strong

Keeps the bones strong Benefits of pineapple

The nice thing about eating pineapples is it makes your bones strong.

It contains about seventy-five percent of the body’s daily requirements of manganese whose main benefits are helping strength the bones and keeping connective tissues strong. The nice thing about consuming pineapples is they help to retard the onset of osteoporosis in post-menstrual women.

Keeps the eyes strong

Pineapples are known to reduce macular degeneration. This kind of eye disease can affect people of all ages. The reason why pineapples are beneficial to your eyes is it contains loads of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Improves digestion

Improves digestion Benefits of pineapple

Like other fruits and vegetables, pineapples are loaded with dietary fiber, which is responsible for keeping the body in good health. Furthermore, this dietary fiber also improves the health of the intestines.

However, pineapples are different than other fruits and vegetables in that they contain more bromelain, which is the enzyme that helps to break down proteins. A secondary benefit is that it also improves digestion.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

The core of a pineapple contains a number of complex substances, including bromelain that help to reduce symptoms of severe inflammation. At the same time, these substances also reduce the risk of tumor growth.

The bromelain in pineapples is helpful in the treatment of osteroposis, although more research is needed to positively identify what these benefits are. People suffering from excessive inflammation are more likely to develop cancer and the bromelain and other substances in pineapples can help to alleviate the symptoms of cancer.

Reduces blood clots

This is probably one of the most unknown benefits of pineapple, but it is still an important one.

Since pineapples contain bromelain, they are known to benefit people who are suffering from high coagulation of the blood. Pineapples are in fact the perfect snack for those who are at risk of developing blood clots.

Treats common colds and sinus inflammation

common colds Benefits of pineapple

Pineapples contain a high amount of Vitamin C and bromelain. Their combination helps to reduce mucus in the throat and nose. If you have a cold and this makes you cough, then eating pineapples can help provide relief. In fact, pineapples are great for reducing sinus mucus over the long term.

Treats arthritis

Pineapples have the unique ability of lowering inflammation of the joints and muscles. These are symptoms that are commonly associated with arthritis. The bromelain in pineapples helps to break down complex proteins while also providing anti-inflammatory effects.

Quicker wound healing

The high amount of vitamin C in pineapples helps to heal wounds quickly. At the same time, it also helps your body defend itself against various infections and diseases.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the production of collagen, which then enables the body to heal itself quickly.

Control diabetes

diabetes Benefits of pineapple

Pineapples also have plenty of fibers which are very beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes. If you have type 1 diabetes, then pineapples can help to lower blood glucose levels while for those suffering from type 2 diabetes, pineapples help to improve blood sugar and insulin as well as lipid levels.

Improves fertility

Pineapples are also known to be directly responsible for making people more fertile. This is possible because this fruit has some amazing antioxidant properties. They can make it easier for women conceive and also improve male fertility.

Care for your skin

The vitamin C present in pineapples works as a super antioxidant that helps to improve your skin tone. At the same time, this vitamin C also helps to clear acne and it also helps to combat skin damage.

Best of all, pineapples help to ward off signs of aging. Another benefit provided by pineapples is they contain Vitamin C that plays an important role in collagen production. This ability to create collagen means that the extra collagen produced will help to keep your skin tissues healthy.

Nutritional Value

Nutritional Value Benefits of pineapple

Even though pineapples are sweet, they are low in calories. Pineapples belong to the bromeliad family and contains individual berries that come together around the core of the pineapple. Not only are pineapples fascinating in the way they are formed, but also, they offer some very important nutritional benefits.

Pineapples offer some outstanding nutritional value.

 Calories  50 Kcal
 Carbohydrates  13.52 g
 Dietary Fiber  1.40 g
 Starch .0 g
 Sugars  16.3 g
 Proteins  0.5 g
 Total Fat  0.12 g
 Saturated Fat  0.0 g
 Monounsaturated Fat  0.0 g
 Polyunsaturated Fat  0.1 g
 Cholesterol  0,0 mg
 Folates  18 ug
 Niacin  0.500 mg
 Thiamin  0.079 mg
 Vitamin A  58 IU
 Vitamin C  47.8 mg
 Vitamin E  0.02 mg
 Sodium 1 mg
 Potassium 109 mg
 Magnesium 12 mg
 Phosphorous  8 mg
 Calcium  13 mg

Side Effects

Consuming the bromelain in pineapples can lead to adverse reactions like diarrhea and excess menstrual flow as well as nausea, skin rashes and vomiting. If you eat too much of this fruit, then you risk experiencing swelling in your mouth and cheeks.

One of the most frequent side effects of pineapple, though, is severe vomiting. However, the majority of times, this side effect is caused by the consumption of unripe juice of an unripe pineapple.

To avoid making this mistake and enjoy the benefits of pineapple without any uncomfortable symptoms, check out the following video to learn different techniques to see if a pineapple is ripe.