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apple pie recipes

Apple pie originated throughout European countries. As such, there are many variations of apple pie. For example, the French choose an open-faced dish. When most people hear “apple pie”, they think of the American variation, adapted from the European recipes when the settlers arrived in the Americas.

Since coming to America, apple pie has become synonymous with American culture. In fact, apple pie is considered one of the most common comfort foods. While many people will simply buy a store-bought dish, homemade apple pie will never lose its appeal. Choosing the right recipe depends on your own personal taste. You can opt for the open-face apple pie, like the French. You can opt for the classic crosswise strips or simply choose a sheet of crust.

Our favorite apple pie recipes

Below is a handful of recipes chosen at random. You can browse the instructions for each and decide which one works the best for you. It also helps to know how many servings you’ll get from a single recipe. You wouldn’t want to run out of such a classic dessert.


“Blue Ribbon” apple pie by Anna Olson

apple pie recipe
Credit: Food Network

This recipe is simplistic, providing the delicious taste of apple pie with easy-to-follow instructions. You can always adapt the recipe, as many others have. After all, it’s only a guideline for making the best apple pie. Most people choose to adjust the sugar to personal preference. You may need more or less sugar, depending on the sweetness of the apples you’re using. If you’re interested, you can even find a video of Anna making this delicious pie on the Marilyn Denis show.

Get the recipe at Food Network

Old-fashioned apple pie by chef Michael Smith

traditional apple pie
Credit: Baker by Nature

As a chef, Michael Smith knows a good deal about capturing the flavor. This apple pie recipe posted on his personal website is flavor-filled and easy-to-bake. He even offers variations that you can use to adapt the recipe to your personal taste. This is ideal for people who need to reduce sugar or butter due to medical reasons. While you’re visiting, you can check out many of his other recipes.


Get the recipe at Chef Michael Smith

Apple pie by Dr. Oetker

apple pie dessert
Credit: Oetker

This apple pie recipe is incredibly easy to follow. The list of ingredients is simple enough that you’ll likely have most of these items laying around the kitchen already. Grab a few premium apples and get cooking!

Get the recipe at Dr.Oetker


The perfect apple pie by Kraft Canada

perfect apple pie

Kraft provides this deliciously simple apple pie recipe that will remind you of the pie your grandma used to make. You can read the reviews if you’re not convinced! Everyone loves the great taste and the bonus instructions for fluting the edge of the crust.

Get the recipe at Kraft Canada

Apple pie by Elise Bauer

delicious apple pie recipe
Credit: Simply Recipes

This recipe has a flaked crust and just the right amount of spices to add extra flavor. It is easy to follow the instructions to create the perfect dessert for the family. A bonus for this recipe is that it looks at the types of apples you can use to make a pie. This is useful to know because there are some types of apple that don’t cook properly.


Get the recipe at Simply Recipes

The only apple pie recipe you’ll ever need by Emily Kichler

classic apple pie
Credit: Chatelaine

Emily’s apple pie recipe covers everything you’d want to know about baking the perfect apple pie. From the perfect crust to the right apples for the filling, you’ll be able to make a pie so delicious it will taste like it was baked by the professionals. You’re going to love how simple this pie is to make. The only complication is going to be stopping yourself from eating the whole pie to yourself!

Get the recipe at Chatelaine


The best apple pie by Ricardo

tasty apple pie
Credit: Ricardo Cuisine

Ricardo’s recipe is thorough with instructions, yet simple enough to follow. Of course, there’s an apple comparison for this recipe as well, so you’ll know the best choice. In fact, this recipe uses more than one type of apple to combine the different flavors. This makes for an interesting recipe, but getting the right apples may be tricky. The crust for this recipe is easy to work with too.

Get the recipe at Ricardo Cuisine

Remember: You can always mix and match the recipes. If you like the filling for one recipe and the crust for another, combine them and make your own! You can choose to add different spices into the recipe or sprinkle spices on top. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and even pumpkin spice can all add flavor.


Once the pie is made, you can combine different flavors. Many people like to top their slice of apple pie with cheddar cheese while others prefer melting ice-cream as the topper. Alternatively, whipped cream makes a good topping for apple pie as well.

Written by Leonardo Oliveira

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