The 8 best hair oils to get shiny, smooth and frizz-free locks

Get the soft and bouncy hair you’ve always wanted with these oils

best hair oils

Hair frizz can be a nightmare. It doesn’t matter how many times you wash it, or comb it and even put it up in a nice hairdo, the flyaways and the frizzy look don’t go anywhere. Nourishing shampoos and conditioners can go a long way to help but oils tend to work better for their fast absorption and taming effect. Below you can find out which are the best hair oils for your locks and why.

The best hair oils to get smooth and frizz-free locks

Be it to tame frizz or simply to fight dryness and restore the hair’s strength and smoothness, these oils are sure to support you.

Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil Treatment best hair oils

Maroccanoil is a pioneer when it comes to the best hair oils. The recipient of several beauty awards for years in a row now, this treatment was the first bringing attention to the powerful and nourishing properties of argan oil.

This oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and easily absorbed, leaving the hair stronger, smoother, nourished and much easier to manage. Since it speeds up drying time, it can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool.

It comes in the traditional formula or in a Light version for light-colored hair, to reduce the risk of staining.

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ouai best hair oils

Created by the favorite coiffeuse of many Hollywood celebrities, Ouai hair oil presents a unique blend of less known oils such as ama, borage and baobab seed oils. These deep nourish the hair strands to seal the split ends and enhance shine, while also providing protection from heat-styling. The lightweight formula is also quickly absorbed to seal hydration without leaving the hair greasy.

This oil also contains African galanga root extract that prevents fading and heat damage on color-treated hair.

Plus, this has probably the greatest fragrance out of the best hair oils you can find, with a scent made of a blend of violet, gardenia, white musk and ylang-ylang.

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Verb Ghost Oil best hair oils

The name of this oil couldn’t be more suitable. With an extra weightless formula, it disappears immediately after applied and, due to its transparency, it doesn’t leave any trace, even in light-colored manes.

It contains bamboo extract that strengthens the hair follicles and retains moisture, hydrolyzed soy protein and moringa seed oil that moisturize, detangle and smooth hair, and vitamin F that supports a healthier and softer hair too.

This oil naturally controls frizz and flyaways, smooths the hair and provides minimum protection from heat-styling. It can be equally used for curly and straight, thick and fine hair.

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Briogeo Rosarco Oil

Briogeo Rosarco Oil best hair oils

Briogeo Rosarco Oil presents a nutrient-rich blend of rosehip, argan and coconut oils designed to restore a vibrant and healthy look to dry and brittle hair.

The rosehip oil provides a protective barrier that shields the hair from external aggressions, such as heat-styling and UV rays exposure. While at it, the argan and the coconut oil supply the hair with nutrients that nourish it while locking in moisture to restore the smoothness and bouncy looks and reduce the frizz effect.

It works particularly well as a daily or regular oil to enhance shine, lock in moisture and protect from heat.

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Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil best hair oils

Infused with argan and jasmine oil, shea butter and a special blend of emollients, this oil fulfills the goal of any of the best hair oils by strengthening, conditioning, softening and moisturizing the hair. It supports lighter but healthier hair shafts as well as reducing the frizz effect.

However, what makes this oil stand out is the Oribe Signature Complex with watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts. This blend is aimed at protecting the hair by preventing photoaging, oxidative stress and the deterioration of natural keratin, and protecting color fading.

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Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil best hair oils

No Frizz Nourishing Oil is one of the best hair oils for those wanting to avoid silicones and other harmful components. The formula is built in such a way that it mimics the natural oils of the hair, thus fighting frizz using the most natural method possible.

Depending on the type of hair, you may need to readjust the quantity used but Living Proof warns that this product works best on dry hair. You can also use it on wet hair, but the patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) that blocks humidity and prevents frizz may not be strong enough to endure the air’s humidity and the hair’s too. In that case, you will need to reapply the oil later.

It is paraben, silicone, phthalate, sulfate and cruelty-free and it has been deemed safe and effective for chemically treated hair too.

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Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil

Dove Regenerative Nourishment best hair oils

This oil by Dove combines the deep-nourishing ingredients of a serum with the moisturizing properties of an oil. It’s designed especially for colored, bleached and chemically damaged hair needing support to regenerate and recover its smoothness and healthy looks.

This high-quality formula contains palm, sunflower, sweet almond and coconut oils, ingredients that deep-condition the hair, tame the frizz, detangle it and making it shiny and soft once again.

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Tips to prevent the frizz effect

If you were born with naturally coarse and dry hair, you have been fighting the frizz effect for a long time now. Nevertheless, even if dry hair is more prone to frizz, the hair products you use as well as some of your beauty habits can be worsening the problem.

Check out the video below to find out if you have been doing something wrong all this time and what you can do to tame your wild mane.