The 10 best lipsticks you can buy in 2018

Let your smile stand out even more with these colorful lipsticks

best lipsticks

Are you looking to make your lips stand out with a cute and sexy pout? Or maybe you just want to give them a dash of color that will make you shine brighter even in the darkest days? With a long-lasting effect and pigments that provide a good coverage without feathering or bleeding, these are the best lipsticks for you to check out.

The best lipsticks you can buy in 2018

Please note that the following list refers to the best lipsticks you can buy in 2018, not the ones that were launched this year. The compilation was made having into account the finishing results of each lipstick, their long-lasting effect and other advantageous points such as moisturization.

‘Everlasting’ Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D

'Everlasting' Liquid Lipstick best lipsticks

Kat Von D’s lipsticks already stand apart from other lines due to the killer color hues it offers, and this line is no exception.

The lipsticks glide easily over the lips without smudging or bleeding, allowing for a good coverage without the inconveniences of a liquid lip color. It also sets quickly, locking the color for a long-lasting effect.

The formula of these lipsticks also contains vitamin E and Sunflower See Wax to protect the lips and keep them soft and smooth, thus reducing the risk of wear marks or feathering.

Be aware, though: these lipsticks are not glossy but they are shimmery. If you’re looking for a more faded or opaque look, these may not be for you.

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Melted Matte by Too Faced

Melted Matte best lipsticks

Too Faced defines this line of lipsticks as having “the staying power of a stain and the intense color of a liquid lipstick”, and both these statements are indeed true.

The highly pigmented lipstick does provide for a long-lasting effect, but that is not what makes it stand out. The reason why these belong in a list of best lipsticks is in their innovative formula.

Melted Matte features avocado oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic filling spheres that deeply moisturize the lips to leave them smooth and visibly soften. It is also infused with the patented complex Volulip™, which has a plumping effect without the uncomfortable stingy feeling, thus creating the effect of more voluminous and kissable lips.

The main downside of this line of lipsticks is that they require several coats to reach the opaque finish expected from a matte lipstick.

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Tatouage Couture Liquid Matter Stain by YSL

Tatouage Couture Liquid Matter Stain best lipsticks

The Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Stain by YSL is hands down one of the best lipsticks out there, regardless of the color you choose.

Its texture is weightless and very liquid, sliding easily through the lips to provide a good coverage with one single application. It has a very natural finishing as the thin formula adapts to the shape of the lips instead of creating a thick layer that covers them and gives them a more “plastic” look.

It has also moisturizing ingredients to keep the lips looking smooth and plump while helping to secure the color and prevent flaking, but it doesn’t feel oily or like a balm. It is also long-lasting and can endure the test of napkins, beverages and food without any transfer.

The flat edge applicator with a high point also makes it easier to apply and conquer the most tricky lip line for a perfect finish.

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PowerMatte Lip Pigment by NARS

PowerMatte Lip Pigment best lipsticks

NARS’ PowerMatter Lip Pigment has a highly pigmented formula that grants a full matte coverage with one single swipe. It has a very light and flexible texture that makes it easier to apply compared with most liquid lipsticks. It also feels comfortable and adapts quite naturally to the movement of the lips so it doesn’t break or flake.

This lipstick ranks high in terms of durability, with a smudge-resistant formula that prevents fading from wear or transference for several hours in a row without requiring any retouch. In fact, NARS even recommends removing this lipstick using a gentle eye makeup remover as it is hard to remove with water and rubbing.

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Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick by Fenty

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick best lipsticks

Rihanna’s collaboration with Fenty was already news for turning the brand into a much more inclusive one. This means that even the deepest skin complexes will be able to find a suitable and flattering color to enhance their lips.

But to become one of the best lipstick beauty lines, having different colors is not enough. Rich in pigments but with a weightless formula, these lipsticks glide easily through the lips without bleeding or flaking. They provide a clean matte finish with a dash of creaminess, a look inspired by the intense color of flower petals with a velvet and soft touch.

The slim design also makes it easier to control while applying the lipstick, so you can reapply it whenever necessary without worrying too much. Besides, it’s also very practical as it fits perfectly in any clutch or makeup bag.

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Matte Revolution Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury

Matte Revolution Lipstick best lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury’s was always renown for having some of the best lipsticks on the market, but its fame skyrocketed this year after Meghan Markle confessed that the Very Victory color was her go-to lipstick.

The highly pigmented formula is infused with orchid and Tree extracts that keep the lips looking hydrated and smooth. The pigments have a 3D glowing effect which creates the illusion of fuller and plumper lips, without providing any shiny effect.

It has a creamy matte finish that makes it more flexible and adaptable to the lips shape, making it more comfortable to wear.

As for the long-lasting effect of these lipsticks, the reviews are mixed even on the company’s website, with some people complaining it didn’t last enough for a normal lipstick let alone for one at this price.

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Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra-Hydrating Lipstick by Chanel

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra-Hydrating Lipstick best lipsticks

The key for why these are considered as some of the best lipsticks currently in the market it’s already on their name. With an ultra-hydrating formula based on three vegetable waxes, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower, these lip colors hydrate and nourish the lips deeply so part of the perfect finish comes naturally from you.

The silicone microbeads help the color hold to the lips, but this is not a long-lasting line of lipsticks. Instead, it is intended for a simple daily use and it slowly fades through the day in a balanced way to leave the lips with a soft tinted natural look.

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Matte Lipstick by Tom Ford

Matte Lipstick by Tom Ford best lipsticks

If you’re looking for a lipstick with a glamorous and luxurious touch, you should be checking Tom Ford.

With a formula infused with Soja Seed Extract, Brazilian Murumuru Butter, and Chamomilla Flower Oil, it nourishes and moisturizes the lips while providing a good hold for the colored pigments. It glides easily through the lips and dries fast, leaving a velvet finish that looks and feels chic.

The staying power of this line of lipsticks is not remarkable, but they will stay put for several hours before requiring any retouching.

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Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick best lipsticks

Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks is one of the favorites of bloggers and Instagrammers and with good cause. Stile does deliver on the “all day” promise.

It leaves a creamy matte finish, highly pigmented and color-rich, but with a touch of shine to create a pouty and natural look.

The formula of these lipsticks also contains avocado oil and vitamin E to hydrate and soften the lips while preventing feathering and fading. Despite the liquid texture, it doesn’t bleed and it dries fast, thus preventing the sticky feeling common of liquid lipsticks.

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Perfect Rouge Lipstick by Shiseido

Perfect Rouge Lipstick best lipsticks

Shiseido delivers some of the best lipsticks for dry and chapped lips with the “Perfect Rouge” line.

Its formula is designed to release and provide moisturization to the lips throughout the day to reduce roughness and leave them with a smoother and nourished look. The creamy lipstick provides a soft coverage with a silky radiance and a glamorous touch while minimizing the vertical lines of the lips to provide for a smoother effect.

Despite the creamy texture and the moisturizing properties, it is still long-lasting.

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How to apply liquid lipstick

Even if you get a high-quality lipstick, if you don’t know how to apply it correctly the finishing can still be less than good and wear out fast. Liquid lipsticks are particularly hard to apply since you need to control the product quantities and guide the applicator smoothly around the trickiest lip lines.

In the video below, you can learn a few application tricks that will help you get the finishing you want.