The 10 best perfumes for women in 2018

Let these amazing fragrances conquer your olfactory sense


Every woman likes to feel empowered, feminine and sexy, and scents play a big part in structuring one’s mood. A fragrance says a lot about the person’s personality and disposition and can even make or break an outfit and influence the way you present yourself. Yet, some blends seem to please and stand out more than others. If you’re curious about it, check out below the best perfumes for women in 2018.

The best perfumes for women in 2018

Please note that this list of the best perfumes for women in 2018 does not include only fragrances released in this year. This is a compilation of those fragrances that emerged as the most wanted and preferred of 2018, and it includes both classics that still stand the test of time and other novelties that aspire to such a position.

Bloom Acqua Di Fiori by Gucci

Bloom Acqua Di Fiori by Gucci best perfumes for women

Gucci’s Bloom was considered for several years in a row as one of the best perfumes for women, but its reign seems to end this year. Launched in February of 2018, Bloom Acqua Di Fiori became a hit sensation in spring and summer by presenting itself as an improved formula of what already looked and smelled perfect.

The spicy-floral base remains the same, with the scents of jasmine, tuberose, Chinese honeysuckle, and red-flowered vine. However, the addition of Green Galbanum and dainty Cassis buds brought a touch of green and aquatic fragrances, that reminds of the soft freshness of dew in the early mornings, lightly touching the flower petals.

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Joy by Dior

best perfumes for women

Joy by Dior only made it to the shelves in August of this year, but it already became a crowd-pleaser. It is a fall perfume designed for all the women who refuse to let go of the floral and citrus scents.

Its aroma is a blend of bergamot, mandarin, roses Grass and jasmine, light and fresh scents, with those more sensual and warmer of sandalwood and musk that only develop when they touch the skin.

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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf best perfumes for women

This perfume by Viktor & Rolf is dangerously approaching the status of a classic. Unlike other brands that reinvent their fragrances each year, Flowerbomb still follows the same formula as when it was launched and that granted it so many awards.

With a seductive, refreshing and long-lasting fragrance, it combines the soft and floral scents of sambac jasmine, osmanthus and centifolia rose, combined with the warm and strong note of patchouli.

This is a quite intense perfume, but it is also a clearly feminine one.

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La Vie Est Belle L’eau de Parfum by Lancôme

La Vie Est Belle Leau de Parfum Lancome best perfumes for women

La Vie Est Belle was a best-seller in 2017 but it also left its mark in 2018. This fragrance feels like a roller coaster of notes and emotions, which is appropriate since it was designed for the modern woman who values freedom.

It opens with the sweetness of orange blossom just to be wrapped up in a blend of florals of jasmine and iris. The middle note of patchulí breaks this freshness to give it a more elegant and warm feeling closed by the sweetness of the praline.

This perfume is also praised for its longevity, as it can last more than 12h without losing its intensity.

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Black Opium Eau de Parfum by YSL

Black Opium Eau de Parfum by YSL best perfumes for women

Black Opium is intense, it’s seductive, it’s powerful and it’s also a hit or miss depending on the person. And yet, despite its strong personality, it is still a best-seller and considered one of the best perfumes for women.

The fragrance is a complex blend of notes of black coffee, patchouli, sweet vanilla, orange blossom and a touch of warm musk, scents seemingly impossible to match, and yet, they work.

Despite being intense, it is not overpowering and delivers a mix of a rich touch with a romantic one.

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Aura Mugler Eau de Perfum by Mugler

Aura Mugler Eau de Perfum by Mugler best perfumes for women

This perfume was launched in 2017 and hasn’t stopped gathering fans ever since. Aura is supposed to represent the female aura, sweet and caring, but also mysterious and sexy, and it does so by blending botanical scents with orientals.

The top notes are of bittersweet rhubarb leaves, followed by the heart of orange blossom, for a green and fresh feeling fragrance. The uniqueness of this perfume comes then from the contrast of the base notes of Bourbon vanilla and Wolfwood. Through them, surfaces the smoldering botanical tiger liana that unites all the scents to create the Mugler’s signature.

The heart-shaped emerald bottle is another of its strong points, especially because it turns this perfume into a refillable one.

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J’adore by Dior

J adore by Dior best perfumes for women

J’adore was launched in 1999 and it has become a staple of Dior’s perfumery. So much, that it is still one of the best-selling perfumes every year and it has also become a must-have in 2018.

This fragrance is the incarnation of femininity with its fruity-floral blend. With a mix of essences of ylang-ylang, Damascus rose from Turkey, jasmine grandiflorum and Indian sambac jasmine, it creates a vibrant and voluptuous perfume that can be appreciated year-round.

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Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum by Chanel

Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum by Chanel best perfumes for women

Coco Mademoiselle is a perfume of dichotomies. It is simultaneously fresh and light while embracing the oriental fragrances that represent a bold woman.

The top notes are citric, with the fruity and fresh scents of bergamot, orange blossoms and tangerine awakening the senses. The heart of the perfume is floral, with the aromas of jasmine, mimosa, rose and ylang-ylang.

This olfactory experience doesn’t disappoint in its end either, with the pure, warm and strong scents of patchouli, vanilla and vetiver, that contrast and wrap themselves around the other notes to create the classic perfume that is already Mademoiselle Coco.

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Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture best perfumes for women

This perfume is designed for those women who are bubbly and feminine, but that also have a charming and party side.

With a well-blended mixture of notes of amber, creamy vanilla, berries, mandarin, sweet honeysuckle and jasmine, this fragrance is sweet, light and attractive while maintaining a dash of seduction that makes it even more interesting.

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Arizona Eau de Parfum by Proenza Schouler

Arizona Eau de Parfum by Proenza Schouler best perfumes for women

Arizona is the debut fragrance by Proenza Schouler, a victory for the brand that sees their first perfume already considered as one of the best perfumes for women in 2018. The reason might lie in its middle ground position.

Somewhere between a floral and a sweet perfume, Arizona manages to combine the best of both worlds to create a soft and bright scent that incarnates summer. Inspired by the ridges and ravines that define Arizona’s desserts, it blends the scents of orris, white cactus flower, jasmine, orange flower, musk and chashmeran.

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Make the best out of your perfume

Even if you choose a high-quality perfume, there are some dos and don’ts you need to have into account if you want to enjoy the essence of your fragrance. For instance, you don’t want to rub your skin after applying it, or you might change its molecules and, consequently, their scent.

Check out the video below to learn 8 tips on how to wear your perfume and make the best of it.