Top 3 best vegetables for juicing

Be healthy by drinking these vegetables juices.

vegetables for juicing

We all know that juicing is one of the most important things you can do for your health, and that fresh, healthy juicing makes a huge difference in your life. But do you know what are the absolute best vegetables for juicing that bring you maximal health and optimal benefits?

Top 3 vegetable juices that keep you healthy

This is an absolutely critical piece of knowledge for anyone who cares about their health! It’s time for you to get the best juice. Remember to use the freshest veggies you can, and organic possible. Raw, live produce gets your body pumped, amped, and moving better physically and mentally. And don’t forget – veggies beat fruit for juicing; the sugar difference alone is critical!


cucumber juice

We tend to think about the cucumber for salads, but its content is literally over 90% water, which begins they hydration right there. And the rest of it packs in potassium, which fights stroke and helps blood flow. It also contains fesitin, a helpful anti-inflammatory flavanol. The lignans within reduce risks of cancer and related illness. Plus, cucumbers off the ability to fight free radicals, as well as being full of vitamin C.


In addition, cucumber’s is considered by many experts to be psychologically soothing – thus the expression “cool as a cucumber”. It can potentially be beneficial for calm and for a general state of well-being. On top of that, cucumber juice can have anti-aging properties, as an added benefit.


tomato juice

(Sure, they’re technically fruits, but we all know they’re vegetables. Ask any salad.) While you’ve probably heard that the lower the risk of testicular cancer, many studies suggest they are helpful for fighting all manner of potential cancers. They’ll turbo-charge your heart due to a lycopene content, which is great news for your cardiovascular health and for your workout. They blend beautifully and, of course, taste great, especially when they’re fresh.

Remember that raw tomatoes have a completely different flavor profile than cooked, and that’s a good thing – one of the many advantages of going raw!



cabbage vegetable juice

We totally get it – nobody thinks about cabbage for drinking. But it’s incredible for detoxification! Cabbage leaves help your body remove toxins and pull them straight out of your body. Cabbage is also absolutely fantastic for your stomach, from an upset tummy to an ulcer.

Cabbage can regulate estrogen balance and metabolism, which doesn’t just have an anti-carcinogenic effect, it also helps your energy level. Just one very critical note–cabbage by itself just doesn’t lend itself well to the palate. So be sure to add some strong flavors you really like–perhaps ginger or carrots. The easier the juice goes down, the better you juice!

Those are three of the very best vegetables for your juicing. Be good to your health and be good to yourself, and be sure to try these the next time you juice. Experiment to see what best suits your sense of taste and your digestion. Remember, keep it fresh, keep it raw, and keep it going!


Written by Leonardo Oliveira

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