Cherries: health and beauty benefits

Find out all the benefits hidden in this cute and delicious fruit


Cherries are tasty, fresh, cute and very nutritious. Although they are often forgotten when the topic is rich foods for health and beauty, these little fruits, that can come with a round or a heart shape, have much more to offer than what just meets the eye… and that’s a lot already!

Health benefits of cherries

cherries health benefits

The distinctive red color of cherries serves a higher purpose than just beauty. This hue is caused by the high content of antioxidants of this fruit, in particular, that of anthocyanins. These compounds help to fight the free radicals that damage healthy cells and promote early aging signs.

But there’s more. For their size, cherries are also a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C and carotenoids. All at just an average of 70 calories per serving. But what does this mean in terms of benefits? According to a research review from 2018, a lot.

They prevent and treat inflammations

According to this study, the high content of antioxidants of cherries provides a great help to prevent and reduce inflammations and muscle soreness caused by physical exercise.

There are even some indications that they can reduce some of the painful symptoms caused by arthritis.

They help you sleep better

Cherries have a reasonable content of melatonin, the hormone that helps to regulate sleep. Insomnia and difficulty sleeping can be caused by a weak production of melatonin by the body.

Try eating a small portion of cherries in the evening to raise those levels naturally and without the risks and side-effects of sleeping medication.

They may lower blood pressure

cherries blood pressure

Cherries’ antioxidant content also impact on blood pressure.

According to a research by Northumbria University, as the antioxidants levels increase, the subjects of the study experienced a lowering of their blood pressure. Researchers go as far as saying that cherries could replace medication for this condition as their effect is quite similar to these.

However, even though the effect of lower blood pressure is not questioned, the scientific community is still skeptical regarding the impact cherries can have. Mostly because the study in question was short-term and used a small sample of individuals.

Prevents cancer expansion

Cherries high content in antioxidants ensures a strong fight against free-radicals. These compounds attack healthy cells, breaking them and thus increasing their turnover for substitution. It is during this replacement that cancer cells take the opportunity to multiply themselves or “infect” others.

Cherries are even recommended by the American Institute for Cancer Research as a good food to fight cancer.

Other possible health benefits

As studies continue, some benefits of cherries slowly come to light even if they are still awaiting further research and confirmation.

So far, it is hypothesized that cherries can also help with:

  • Mood disorders
  • Cognitive problems
  • Diabetes
  • Blood lipids
  • Stroke prevention

Benefits of cherries for skin and beauty

cherries glowing skin

Cherries’ benefits go beyond health and well-being. Your natural beauty can also enjoy some advantages, mostly, once again, due to their richness in antioxidants.

They prevent wrinkles and aging signs

With such a high content of antioxidants, this was an obvious benefit. By fighting the free-radicals, these compounds ensure that no destruction comes over healthy cells.

The skin and other tissues maintain their flexibility and elasticity and aging signs are kept at bay for a few more years.

Glowing skin

Cherries are a good source of vitamins, particularly of vitamin A, B, C and E.

Not only is this one the ideal groups of vitamins for the skin, the content in this fruit is high enough to make a difference and leave your skin glowing, healthy and beautiful.

Beautiful hair

This is probably one of the most underrated benefits of cherries. The same set of vitamins that work so well for the skin are also great for your locks.

Vitamins B and E improve blood circulation over the scalp, thus preventing hair loss and helping with hair growth. The hair follicles also benefit from the intake of vitamin C, which strengthens them while stimulating the growth of new ones.

Vitamin A, on the other hand, regulates the production of retinoic acid, which is essential for all the processes of growth and development in the body.

Benefits of cherry during pregnancy

Cherries are a great fruit to eat during pregnancy.

First, their effect on the blood levels, far from being harmful, can actually grant the placenta a better blood and nutrient supply. Likewise, the fact that it works as prevention of cardiovascular problems during such an important stage in a woman’s life is also a plus.

Moreover, many pregnant women suffer from anxiety and insomnia. The melatonin content in this fruit can be enough to relax them and facilitate sleep, without incurring in risks by taking sleeping medication.

Cherries nutrition

cherries nutrition values

The nutrition values below represent an average. Values might change depending on the variety of cherries.

Serving – 1 cup (138g / 4.9oz.)   
Calories  87 
Total Fat  0 g 
Cholesterol  0 g 
Sodium  0 g 
Total Carbohydrates  22 g 
  • Dietary Fiber 
3 g 
  •  Sugars 
18 g 
Protein  1g 
Vitamin A  88.3 IU (2%) 
Vitamin C  9.7 mg (16%) 
Vitamin E  0.1 mg (0%) 
Vitamin K  2.9 mcg (4%) 
Calcium  17.9 mg (2%) 
Iron  0.5 mg (3%) 
Magnesium  15.2 mg (4%) 
Phosphorus  29.0 mg (3%) 
Potassium  306 mg (9%) 

Eat your fruits!

As if you needed more reasons to eat this fruit, cherries are delicious and fresh but they can also be very beneficial for your health and beauty.

Enjoy them fresh or you can add them to tasty smoothies, make a sweet jam to go with your toasts or prepare delicious pastries like the cherry pie in the recipe below.