How to properly clean white shoes

Some people just love white shoes!

clean white shoe

White is often a color associated with purity and innocence. Recently, it seems to have found a home in the main-stream of the fashion industry. Fashion lovers can’t get enough of these impossible to keep clean colored shoes. The only way white shoes will stay white is by leaving them on a shelf. Even then, they are likely to collect dust which can quickly become caked on. So, what do you do when you love them and NEED to use them? Learn how to properly clean white shoes!

How to clean white canvas shoes

clean canva shoes

Canvas shoes are the most common type of shoe as they are comfortable and fairly durable. Often made with a simple rubber sole, these shoes are inexpensive and generally good for posture. That doesn’t mean they are easy to keep clean! The 3 solutions below should help you out!

Solution 1

1. Mix 2 cups of warm water with 1/4 cup of any of the following: Dish soap, window cleaner, shampoo, laundry detergent;

2. Place ingredients in a large bowl and mix them together;

3. Dip a cloth into the solution (or a brush);

4. Gently rub the dirt off the shoes;

This solution works for both the inside and outside of any canvas shoe. When you’re finished washing them, place a bit of paper towel into the shoe. This will help it to maintain a proper form while also speeding up the drying process. Or you can stuff some old newspaper into the shoes if you’re not in a rush to have them dry.

Solution 2

1. Remove the insoles and laces of your shoes;

2. Place your canvas shoes into a bag for dedicates;

3. Place the bag directly into the washing machine;

4. Put the machine on the gentle cycle with half the amount of detergent;

5. Take shoes out and stuff them with a paper towel so they will not warp;

You can alternatively purchase a brand-name cleaning solution for canvas shoes, like the Vans cleaning solution. Do not place leather or suede shoes into the washing machine or you will ruin them!

How to clean white leather shoes

clean white leather shoes

Leather products can feel hard to maintain. They warp when exposed to sun or liquids. At the same time, they look great and add the perfect dash of elegance to any wardrobe. Instead of skipping out on a gorgeous pair of white leather shoes, take a look at the solutions below to keep them clean:

Solution 1

1. Combine water, dish soap, and white vinegar;

2. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl or dish;

3. Dip a cloth into the mixture;

4. Gently rub the surface of your white leather

Solution 2

1. Combine around 1/2 a cup of any type of olive oil with 1/3 cup of white vinegar;

2. Mix the ingredients together in a spray bottle;

3. Gently spritz the surface of the leather;

4. Let sit for approximately 5 minutes;

5. Gently wipe the solution off

Be careful not to use too much liquid on leather as it can cause warping. Never use bleach or cleaning solutions containing ammonia on leather as it can lead to serious damage.

How to clean white shoelaces

The best way to properly wash white shoelaces is by placing them into the washing machine. If the laces have become stained, you may want to use bleach or a natural alternative. Don’t throw the laces into the machine though. Place them in a small mesh bag, then place them into the washing machine. You can use a bra bag for this or a simple dollar store grab mesh bag.

How to keep white shoes clean

white polish for shoes

It isn’t easy to keep your white shoes clean, regardless of their material. After all, they are white. They are basically a blank canvas and mud, dirt and oil are the paints. If you’re diligent you may be able to keep your white shoes clean. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that:

  • Avoid dirt, especially mud
  • Avoid water, especially snow because of the risk of salt
  • Clean up any dirt immediately
  • Use a toothbrush to clean any area that might be hard to reach
  • Fake out any scuffs by using white nail polish
  • Store your white shoes indoors to avoid sun damage

Alternatively, if you notice a scuff on your shoes, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If that doesn’t work, use a bit of white nail polish to cover it up. This can make your sneakers look shiny and new.