Coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair: reality or myth?

The famous homemade remedy for gray hair might actually be a flop

Coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair
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You invest in great anti-aging creams, eat healthily, exercise, and suddenly, gray hairs, those little tricksters, come to snitch your true age. Dying it the first thing that comes to mind but the chemicals can then damage its beauty. But what about the home remedy that is making the headlines: coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair?

Does coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair work?

Sadly enough, it doesn’t.

Coconut oil is very nutritious for the hair and you can use it to make homemade masks to improve its strength and beauty. Lemon, on the other hand, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to clear any bacteria or fungus that might be affecting the scalp and weakening the hair.


Overall, a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice is good for your hair.

Nevertheless, what causes gray hair is the lack of pigment. It means that the production of melanin is breaking down or stopping. Since neither of the two ingredients has any pigments, they won’t do anything to gray hairs besides moisturizing them. The only way to fix them is by adding a pigment, which is what dyes do.

Debunking myths about gray hair

coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair debunking myths

Perhaps the reasons why so many people believe that concoction of coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair works is because there are still many myths attached to it. These are the 5 most common.


1. The hair turns gray

The hair doesn’t turn gray, it starts to grow grey.

As melanin production slows down, every time the hair falls down and it’s replaced, it will become lighter and lighter until turning completely gray.

This also serves to debunk another myth that says your hair can turn white overnight. Unless you become bald while your sleeping and your hair magically grows back by the time the morning comes, it is impossible.


2. Plucking multiplies them

Plucking doesn’t affect the melanin of your hair, which means that it will not stimulate new gray hairs to appear. It can, however, damage the follicle, preventing the hair from growing back.

Also, remember that every time the hair is replaced, it will come lighter. So if it’s still dark gray, better let it be because next time it will grow light gray.

3. Stress can give you gray hairs

stress coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair

Remember all those photos comparing President Obama’s hair in his first and last term? Stress is to blame for a lot of issues, but graying is not one of them. It simply doesn’t affect the production of melanin.


It can, however, lead to hair loss or hair turn over and hair replacements are lighter.

4. Dying your hair will turn it gray quicker

Dying your hair only adds pigment to the strands, but it doesn’t affect the body’s natural production of melanin.

Doing it frequently, though, can leave it weak and brittle, which will increase the turnover of new strands. If your melanin production is already slowing down, you will notice your hair turning progressively white. But dying is not the cause, not nourishing the hair enough is.


5. You only get gray hairs when you’re older.

It is true that melanin production slows down as you age, so you tend to be old when it breaks down completely. However, you can have them at any age.

Gray hairs are connected to your body’s rate of melanin production, not how many years you have lived.

Home remedies for gray hair that really work

home remedies work Coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair

Coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair is a no go, but you can try other home remedies to naturally cover up the strands already showing.


Tea: use black tea, brewed for long to get a darker color, to stain the gray hairs. If you’re blonde, try using chamomile instead.

Coffee powder: brunettes can apply a paste of coffee powder to their strands to stain them. The effect is very subtle, though, so it works better for when the hair is still lightening but it’s not fully white yet.

Henna paste: the same henna that can be used to make those gorgeous temporary tattoos also work as a natural dye for the hair.


Embrace your hair

So what if coconut oil and lemon juice for gray hair turns out to be a bust? Gray hair is more fashionable than ever and even tweens and teens are rocking it out there!

It’s not your hair that makes you look old, your lack of self-confidence and self-esteem does. Just enjoy and appreciate your own beauty.


Written by Catarina Alves

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