10 Benefits of coconut oil for the skin to make it healthier and beautiful

Find out how this oil can give much more to the skin than a simple fragrance

coconut oil for the skin

While coconut may be a favorite eatable out there, many would not have thought of using its cookie fragrant oil on the skin. This may sound absurd as who would want to rub grease all over the body and feel slick. Well, slick but beautiful. Try having out this trick and experience first-hand the benefits of coconut oil for the skin.

Benefits of coconut oil for the skin: be and feel healthy and beautiful

coconut oil for the skin beautiful

You might not believe it, but coconut oil is a one solution to several skin issues. So, make sure you always carry some with you for you never know when you might need this wonder. Following is a list manifesting benefits and use of coconut oil for the skin.

1. Body Oil

Dry skin can be a hassle to deal with if not taken care of properly. However, you can say goodbye to the dry cracks with coconut oil. Rub some between your palms or directly on the skin to warm it up and make it more fluid. Then, it can be used as a normal body lotion or oil.

Apply it on knees and elbows and say goodbye to dryness and hello to soft glowing skin.

2. Body butter

Instead of going for artificial products with chemicals that could potentially harm your skin in the long run, just simply prepare your own at home. Whip up a body butter by blending coconut oil with Shea butter to get a good after shower moisturizer.

Coconut oil has saturated fats in it, which help to lock in moisture and keeps your skin hydrated.

3. Body scrub

coconut oil for the skin body scrub

Another benefit that you ought to get out of coconut oil is a body scrub.

You can simply infuse coconut oil in some coconut sugar and prepare your body scrub at home. This all-natural product not only retains skin moisture, but when applied to skin it gets rid of dirt particles.

4. Make-up remover

Removing make-up can be a hassle and may leave behind rashes if not done properly or with the proper products. Coconut oil can work as a natural make-up remover.

Since this oil is a great grease cutter it works like magic to remove makeup easily. Just apply some on your face using a cotton ball, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off your face. Repeat if necessary.

5. Deep cleanser

Your skin needs to breathe and to do that it must be cleansed of the dirt and chemicals that latch onto it. Coconut oil is a gentle, yet thorough cleanser. It aids in exfoliation and it easily seeps through hair follicles, bringing out the sebum.

Coconut oil combined with coconut milk and almond flour would give you a nice cleanser. Apply it on your skin and massage it. Place a warm towel over the skin for a few minutes and then wash it off to get a clean glowing skin.

6. Antibacterial shield

Antibacterial shield coconut oil for the skin

Lauric acid in coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties and helps to fight off bacterial infections related to acne. Apply some coconut oil to the affected area and cleanse your skin routinely to stay protected from bacterial prone acne.

7. Sunburn protection

The SPF 4 in coconut oil helps to ward of solar radiation that damages your skin. It might not protect you from a day on the beach, but if applied on the skin just before leaving your house, it can act as a protective layer against solar radiations.

8. Cuticle nourishment

Rubbing coconut oil on your cuticles and the skin around the nails helps to retain and bring back moisture to the much neglected part of your body. The coconut oil nourishes your nails, giving them a healthy look. At the same time, it prevents nails from breaking, wear and tear.

9. Face wash

coconut oil for the skin face wash

Applying coconut oil to your skin can act as a face wash given its anti-bacterial and grease cutting properties. This natural face wash keeps the skin hydrated, free from germs, keeping it healthy and vibrant.


Coconut can help prevent and eliminate wrinkles because it’s infused with antioxidants that help to fight the free-radicals that damage skin cells. Its antibacterial properties are also of help, as they support the skin recovery without exhausting its resources.

The SPF 4 it also contains might be too low to gaurantee full protection against the UV rays, but it’s better than nothing.

As you can see some of the benefits of coconut oil for the skin can be surprising. This oil is notoriously rich in nutrients, which also explains its success for the hair, but few would know about its antibacterial properties too.

Check out in the video below how to prepare some of the masks and remedies to take advantage of these benefits of coconut oil for the skin.