Coconut oil pulling, does it work?

Everything you need to know about the benefits of this practice.

coconut oil pulling

Although the general public is just getting acquainted with coconut oil pulling, the fact is it has been known for many years. Oil pulling happens to be a very ancient remedy in which natural substances are used to clean as well as detoxify the teeth and gums.

The nice thing about using oil pulling is it can also naturally whiten your teeth and there is also enough evidence to show that it helps to make your gums healthier. Better still, it also helps to get rid of bacteria that would otherwise endanger your health.

The idea behind oil pulling is to improve your oral health. Just like people use oil cleansing to improve the quality and health of their skin, so too you can use oil pulling to remove plaque and other toxins from your mouth without at the same time doing anything bad to your teeth or gums.

How is oil pulling?

coconut oil pulling benefits

Oil pulling works by making full use of the very best quality of organic oils which are used as a type of mouthwash. The end result is oil pulling cleanses out the mouth and though the name of this procedure is oil pulling, it could very well have been called oil swishing because you are actually swishing the oil in your mouth for a short period.

Although oil pulling is beneficial, not everyone is enamored by it and there is, in fact, a lot of controversy surrounding it. Even so, it does offer a number of benefits which is why it makes sense to take a close look at these benefits before making up your mind about it.

Coconut oil pulling benefits

coconut oil pulling teeth

Removes bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease

When you do oil pulling, the oils start binding to the plaque on your teeth and they also help to reduce the number of bacteria present in your mouth. One of the bacteria that is removed through oil pulling is the one called Streptococcus Mutants. This bacterium plays a prominent role in tooth decay as well as in various gum diseases. Coconut Oil pulling, in particular, helps to reduce these bacteria.

Whitens your teeth

Thanks to coconut oil pulling, you no longer will need to spend a lot of money on teeth whitening procedures because oil pulling naturally whitens your teeth. This is possible because the oil has natural anti-biotic as well as anti-viral properties that help to brighten your teeth and also clean them.

Makes you feel more energetic

Our immune system has to work hard to clear out toxin waste from the body. When doing this, it drains energy from our bodies. Oil pulling helps to remove toxins and at the same time, it lowers the amount of work the immune system has to do in order to achieve the same results. The end result is that oil pulling will help you feel more energetic.

Detoxifies the body

how to do coconut oil pulling

A body that is filled with germs will be slowly poisoned which in turn leads to inflammation as well as disease and even illnesses. The mouth is the main gateway for such diseases. It, therefore, makes sense to remove germs and toxins from the mouth and the best way to do so is through coconut oil pulling which helps to perform a complete body detox.

Helps hormonal changes

Since coconut oil pulling helps to detoxify the body, the body will not have to compete with foreign substances. This means the hormones in your body are able to function at peak levels without being thrown out of whack by various foreign substances.

Encourages oral cleanliness

Finally, coconut oil pulling promotes oral hygiene by reducing cavities in the teeth and also by eliminating bad breath. When it also removes Streptococcus mutant bacteria, it ensures better oral health and cleanliness. More importantly, it also helps to reduce gingivitis caused by plaque.

How to do it?

how to coconut oil pulling

To derive maximum coconut oil pulling benefits, you need to ensure that you oil pull as soon as you wake up in the morning before you have eaten or drunk anything. When oil pulling, make sure you swish approximately one to two tablespoons of coconut oil for between ten to twenty minutes. After that, you can spit out the oil and then rinse your mouth. If you want to really clean your mouth, then it is recommended that you rinse with salt water. After swishing and rinsing your mouth, the next step involves brushing your teeth normally, and if you repeat these steps between three to five times every week, the results will be very satisfactory.

Keep in mind that although the best time to oil pull is in the morning before eating or drinking anything, you can also do it at other times of the day and also before you eat. The reason for swishing the oil for between ten to twenty minutes is that when swishing you will be using up the oil. It may turn watery and even milky after about fifteen minutes. If you do swish with less amount of oil, then the texture may change sooner.

However, make sure that you swish with enough oil and for the recommended period to get best results. Within a week of oil pulling, you should start to notice a cleaner mouth and your breath will also smell much fresher. Within a month of oil pulling, you can expect to see signs of dental repair as well as healthier gums.