Copaiba Essential Oil: the Amazonian power for health and beauty

Get to know the uses and benefits of this ancient Amazonian oil

Copaiba essential oil

The copaiba essential oil might still be unknown to many, but it won’t be for long. Made from the resin of a sap tree in the Amazon forest, it was used for centuries by the Indian populations as a powerful treatment for several afflictions. With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s now slowly recovering its place among the therapeutic plants.

How can copaiba essential oil be used?

Copaiba oil can be used in very different ways to accommodate not only the person’s preference but also its own benefits. It is commonly applied topically or used as part of aromatherapy. It can also be ingested, but extra care should be taken in this case.

As a perfume

This oil as a sweet scent, almost honey-like. Due to its softness, though, it won’t clash with other perfumes or aromas. You will be able to breath the soothing fragrance of this oil without realizing it.

Likewise, you can also add it to a diffuser and spread its aroma through your home to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

As a moisturizing oil

Copaiba oil can be applied topically to help clean the skin from bacteria and prevent any problems or infections.

It is mostly used in massages or at home to purify the skin and tighten it, while also moisturizing it.

As a supplement

Copaiba essential oil supplement

As a supplement, copaiba oil can come in a liquid form or in capsules.

It is generally safe for consumption provided you follow the label indications. Never take more than 1 or two drops and remember to leave at least 4h between each intake. You can ingest it directly or add it to teas, for instance, to disguise its flavor.

What are the benefits of this oil?

Copaiba essential oil is infused with beta-caryophyllene, an anti-inflammatory agent which also has an analgesic effect. This combined with its antiseptic properties guaranties this oil several uses, from beauty to health.

To treat infections and relieve pain

Ingesting one or two drops of this essential oil can work as a natural pain killer and help fight infections. Its content in beta-caryophyllene is only part of the answer for this response.

According to a study from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, copaiba oil also has an antinociceptive effect. This means it blocks the detection of pain from the body, acting as an analgesic.

For skin care

Copaiba essential oil has astringent properties; therefore, it dries and tightens the tissues. This is a great beauty effect for those wanting to get rid of wrinkles.

The oil “pulls” the skin, making it look tighter, younger and with much less visible expression lines. Likewise, the antiseptic properties of this oil can be of great help to eliminate acne as it disinfects the skin and promotes a more balanced segregation of natural oils. For the latter, it can be used alone or combined with other essential oils for the same condition.

To treat fungal infections

fungal infections Copaiba essential oil

If you have a fungus infection like athlete’s foot, for instance, applying this oil over the affected area can speed up the recovery time.

Not only does it help treating and preventing further infections, it also disinfects so to kill any other bacteria that might take advantage of the sensitive skin.

To relieve constipation

Inhaling copaiba essential oil has an immediate soothing effect. Breathing its aroma makes the body and muscles relax, releasing the tension that could be causing constipation.

To improve the mood

Since inhaling the aroma of this oil helps to relax, it also has an effect on the person’s mood. The breathed particles set up to relieve the tension from muscles, while the sweet scent helps brighten up the mood.

For oral care

More research is still required in this field. However, the results from the first studies seem to be quite promising.

According to a combined study of several Brazilian universities, copaiba oil acts as an inhibitor of the cariogenic microorganism Streptococcus mutans, a fairly common bacteria that promotes tooth decay.

It can help eliminating scars

Another study from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro has also demonstrated the potential of this oil to help eliminating scars.

According to researchers, the sesquiterpenes present in copaiba oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory supporting the skin in its recover and, thus, speeding its healing.

Nevertheless, the same study also shown there can be wide differences between brands of this oil which in turn can condition its results.


The copaiba essential oil is slowly catching the attention of everyone interested in natural solutions to improve their health. Nevertheless, is should be noticed that there aren’t enough studies performed on this plant to ensure its efficiency and, most importantly, its safety.

Researchers do acknowledge its use by the Indian population and that it contains the right nutrients and components to be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. However, they also admit that research is scarce and that there aren’t any conclusive results as of yet.

If you want to learn more about how copaiba essential oil works and interacts with the body, check out the following video: