Dangers of Microwaves – Myth or truth?

An extremely popular way of cooking and heating food these days. Why wouldn’t it be?

dangers of microwaves
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Have you ever questioned about the dangers of microwaves? Many of us lead incredibly busy lives; we don’t want to wait for our food. We want it now, and microwaves help make this possible. We don’t have time to spend cooking complicated recipes. Need some lunch in a hurry? A jacket potato can be ready in a few minutes. Want something a little more substantial? Tastes from around the world now come pre-prepared and ready to pop into the microwave for your delectation in just 5-7 minutes. It’s the era of ‘fast’ food.

To use it or not to use it, that is the question!

Up until now, microwaving has been seen as a modern miracle invention, a time saver, but is it just too good to be true? Yet the danger of microwaves may be a real worry.

We’re afraid all is not well in the garden of microwave Eden; or so scientists would have us believe.

When microwaves first became available, the general population was divided in its opinions. There were two distinct fields of opinion. There were those who were thrilled that there was new technology on the scene which would help making meals more hassle-free and accelerate the cooking process.

microwave effect on food
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On the contrary, another group were intensely worried about what this new-fangled invention might do to our health. There were all sorts of rumors flying around: the microwave changes the make-up of your food; don’t go close to the microwave when it is on as it could do something to your insides and you could get cancer; these microwaved foods are not safe as the molecular make-up is not natural and can only be bad for us. A lot of people chose not to listen to the negative rumors. After all, the microwave was making their lives easier; a fabulous 30th Century invention that gave them back time to do the more fun things in life.

Jump to the present and most people are quite happy to use microwaves. However, it might pay to take a more cautious approach.

The real story of Norma Levitt

In 1991, a woman in Oklahoma had hip surgery. This should have been a simple operation, but she died when the blood to be used in a transfusion was heated in the microwave. This apparently changed the molecular make-up of the blood and this was rejected by her body.

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This compelled scientists to do tests to check the true safety of microwaves. This research has revealed some shocking facts which should be taken into account when you are deciding whether or not to hear food for consumption in a microwave:

    • Food from microwave ovens causes abnormal changes to occur in the blood; this is because the body is stressed by the introduction of unnatural food.
    • Lymphocytes (white blood cells) can be seen to decrease significantly when we eat microwaves food. This is the body’s safety mechanism.
    • The molecular structure of foodstuffs is severely damaged during microwaving and this means that the quality of the food is impaired.

Microwaves, nutrients loss and radiation

nutrients loss microwave
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The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a study claiming that after using a microwave, broccoli retained all of its minerals although it has lost most of the vitamin C. It is important to mention that vitamin C is heat sensitive. It can easily be lost in the process. The good news is that microwave cooking proved to be the best way of preserving antioxidant in comparison to boiling, frying or even pressure-cooking.

Another worry is about the emitted radiation. You don’t have to worry about this since microwaves have non-ionising radiation. This type of radiation does not have the power to remove electrons but instead, moving them. But you must pay attention when using containers. When heated, some containers can leak chemicals from the plastic directly to the food. Always choose a glass container, when heating or food.

Dangers of microwaves – The verdict

It has never been proven that in fact microwaves are bad to health although there are some cases that suggest it. The choice is yours of course. How willing are you to accept the risks highlighted by scientists? If you value your health, a modicum of caution is advised when using microwaves.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that Online Tips does not take these facts as absolute truth. There are studies that support and others that contradict this idea. It is a controversial subject that requires deep research.

Dangers of Microwaves

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