Does vaseline help eyelashes grow or is it a myth?

This Granny trick is not off the mark

does vaseline help eyelashes grow

Petroleum jelly is one of those home solutions that can be applied to everything. From lubricating metal objects to moisturize the skin, it really seems to have its fingers in many pies. But what about that Granny trick you heard about regarding the eyelashes? Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow as promised by the older generations?

Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow for real?

does vaseline help eyelashes grow yes no

Unfortunately, no.

Vaseline is an emollient cream, which means that it creates an occlusive layer over the eyelashes to incite their hydration from inside the body and protect them against external attacks that leave them weak.


It does not, however, contain any ingredients or properties that would encourage eyelashes to grow in any way: not longer, not faster and not thicker.

How to make eyelashes longer with vaseline

So the answer to that hopeful question – Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow? – is sadly a big no. But does it end here? Where did the myth come from?

You see, Vaseline does help eyelashes look longer, and thicker and more voluminous, but indirectly.


The protection layer it creates works wonders to keep the hairs safe from external aggressions, it gives them time and supports their recovery after the dry feeling of a mascara and after rubbing them together to remove the makeup.

Due to this protection, your eyelashes are able to grow healthier and stronger, thus giving the impression that they are longer, thicker and fuller.

How to do it: Apply a small layer of Vaseline over your upper eyelashes before going to bed and after removing your makeup. Be gentle and don’t rub the hairs together. Wash your face, as usual, the next morning and that’s it.


3 Other tips to make your eyelashes grow

tips to make your eyelashes grow does vaseline help eyelashes grow

As you see, even if Vaseline is not the miraculous remedy your Granny sold you, it can still provide a big help for you to get the eyelashes you’ve always wanted.

But there are also other tricks you can employ to reinforce this effect.

Brush your eyelashes

Use a gentle brush or a clean mascara one and brush your eyelashes very softly and gently twice a day. This will help to re-educate the hairs to grow all in the same direction and separated to give the eyelashes a fuller look.


To stimulate their growth you can take the opportunity to apply a few drops of vitamin E oil to nourish them. Just brush the eyelashes softly from the roots to the tips for 5 minutes every day.

Relax your eyes

Massage your eyes and eyelids gently every day to remove the tension, relax the muscles and the tissues and stimulate a better blood flow.

Similar to hair growth, the relaxation mixed with the increased blood flood promote stronger and faster lashes.


Nourish with oils

does vaseline help eyelashes grow Nourish with oils

Olive, coconut and castor oils are rich in fatty acids that nourish the follicles, thus promoting the growth of stronger and thicker eyelashes.

Since the lashes will be healthier and more robust they will be less likely to break or their root to be damaged leading them to simply fall down. Thus, they will have enough time to grow longer.

Avoid these habits to allow your lashes to grow

As you can see, there are simple things you can do to help your eyelashes grow. However, there are also things you should never do or you’ll be sabotaging your efforts.


Always remove your makeup before going to bed

The mascara dries the lashes to keep them in place and with the desired shape for longer. If you don’t remove it completely before laying down, you will be rubbing the harden hairs against each other prompting their breakage.

Clean them very well and apply Vaseline or a nourishing oil while you sleep to help restore their strength.

Take a break from makeup

does vaseline help eyelashes grow Take a break from makeup

Even if you nourish your lashes, if you apply makeup every day you’ll just enter a cycle of damage-restore-damage-restore.


If your goal is to make them grow, then you should give them proper time to do so.

Think of it as an investment and try to lay off any eye makeup for some time. If you really can’t go without a bit of flare, consider a visit to a professional to apply false eyelashes in the meanwhile.

Make sure the professional knows about his or her trade and uses only high-quality products so they don’t damage your natural follicles.


Take home message

Does vaseline help eyelashes grow? No, but it can help to protect them long enough so they can grow on their own.

Check out in the video below how to apply other nourishing oils that can help them grow longer and which foods you should also be paying attention to.


Written by Catarina Alves

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