6 Bedtime drinks that burn fat while sleeping

Keep your weight loss fight going even when you’re resting

drinks that burn fat while sleeping

Weight loss is hard, it takes time, it requires a lot of effort and you need a lot of patience not to trip in any pitfall. Therefore, any help, as long as it’s healthy, it’s welcome. And if it comes in the shape of drinks that burn fat while sleeping, perfect.

Drinking these beverages before bedtime will stimulate the body to keep burning fat, but in a mild way so sleep is not affected. You get your deserved rest and the extra pounds get their deserved burn.

Drinks that burn fat while sleeping: juice those pounds off

Drinks that burn fat while sleeping juice off

The following beverages have scientifically proven effects that will help you burn fat without interfering with your sleep. You can either use them separately, alternate each day so it doesn’t get boring, or you can mix up some of them, like in the case of teas.

Grape juice

If you’re looking for drinks that burn fat while sleeping, juices are not a good option. They’re normally packed with sugar and even if they have fat burning properties, this sweetener will usually invalidate the benefits.

Grape juice is a very particular case, though. Grapes contain resveratrol, a component that has a weight loss effect, according to a study from 2015. However, this beverage is also high in sugar, so its consumption should only be occasional and as a support trick not as the basis for your nightly weight loss.

Wine also has resveratrol but, since it’s an alcoholic beverage, it won’t help with shedding the extra pounds.


Kefir is a drink similar to milk made through the fermentation of specific grains with this milk. It is very rich in probiotics and other good bacteria that promote a healthy and efficient digestive system.

This beverage doesn’t directly help with burning fat, but while you’re asleep, it will promote the well-being of the intestinal flora. This will help your intestines work on the clock and remove the uncomfortable feeling of a full and swollen belly.

Apple and cinnamon

Apple and cinnamon Drinks that burn fat while sleeping


Apple: 1 medium-size apple;

Physilium powder: 2 teaspoons;

Cinnamon: 1/4 teaspoon;

Cold water: 1 cup.

How to prepare it

1. Remove the seeds from the apple and blend it still with the peel on together with the cold water.

2. Stir into the apple juice the cinnamon and the physilium.

3. Drink it immediately before the physilium thickens. Drink a glass of water after this beverage.

This is one of the easiest drinks that burn fat while sleeping to prepare and with less interference in the sleep pattern.

According to a study from 2003, eating apples can directly contribute to weight loss. As for cinnamon, a research from 2017 by the University of Michigan concluded that it increases the metabolism and the body temperature, thus helping to burn fat cells.

Ginger and lemon


Cucumber with skin: 5 to 10 slices;

Ginger: 1 tablespoon, freshly grated;

Lemon: juice of one medium lemon;

Water: 6 oz.

How to make it

1. Add the water, the cucumber and the ginger to a blender and mix everything until achieving a smooth beverage.

2. Mix in the lemon and stir.

A pilot study with men from 2012 concluded that ginger enhances thermogenesis and promotes a longer feeling of satiety, which supports weight loss. A systematic review from 2018 where relevant human and animal studies using ginger were evaluated also confirmed the fat burning properties of ginger.

There is also some evidence that lemon can help to shed the extra pounds. As for the cucumber, it’s a great ingredient to keep you hydrated and it also helps ease the expulsion of toxins and preventing water retention.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea Drinks that burn fat while sleeping

If you rather go for simpler options instead of preparing complete beverages to drink before sleeping, you can also go for the old and trustworthy tea. All you have to do is add some ginger slices to it and you’ve got yourself a fat burning drink.

Since a good night sleep also plays a big role in weight loss, try to mix the ginger in a chamomile, valerian or peppermint tea as they have a relaxing effect that will help you get the Zs you need.

Coriander and parsley

These two don’t exactly amount for the tastier beverage to drink before sleeping. However, you can also have them freshly minced and added into teas or smoothies.

Instead of burning fat directly, these herbs act instead as a diuretic. According to a study from 2012 performed in rats, parsley increased the amount of urine eliminated by them significantly within a period of 24h. The conclusion of a similar study from 2009 but using coriander was the same, with the added value that this plant also helps lowering blood pressure.

The benefit of diuretics is that they help to eliminate water retention and the feeling of an inflated belly.

Increase sleeping, increase slimming

Drinks that burn fat while sleeping can support your weight loss journey, but they will be to no avail if you don’t have a good night sleep. Resting and giving time to the body to a proper reboot from the day is fundamental to shed the extra pounds.

You can find out why and what’s the scientific explanation behind it in the following video.