10 Tips to enjoy life and surround yourself with happiness

Follow these tips to lift the dark veil from your life and let the sun shine again

enjoy life

Are you feeling sombre and depleted of energies? Then it’s time to re-learn how to enjoy life once again!

When the mood is down is hard to see and appreciate all the beauty and good things around you. However, that’s when you need to turn yourself around and the following tips might help you do just that.

10 ways to enjoy life and get the most out of every day

Enjoying life is everyone’s dream, but one hard to achieve. Hard, but not impossible! Check out the following tips and get your motivation going!


Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine enjoy life

Laughter has been shown to have physical health benefits too, but it’s its effect over the psyche and the mood that can help you to enjoy life. The possibility of it being used as a medical strategy to help to fight depression is even being considered by researchers.

Laughing releases the tension from your body and your chest, leaving you feeling much lighter and relaxed. It also provides the brain with an opportunity to reset itself and processed the information under a new light and perspective.

Put yourself first

In an era of selfies and social media, you can easily forget yourself. You get so caught up in pleasing the others with your photos, posts and activities, that you don’t stop anymore to think what would “you” want.


Put yourself first in your life. If you would rather have a snack from a street vendor while looking at the sky, relaxing, why would you go to a fancy restaurant just to take pictures of the food with your phone?

Ultimately, you’re the one that has to live, cope, enjoy or suffer from your own decisions and actions. Forget about the others and start thinking about your own likes and dislikes.

Surround yourself with positive people

Pessimists and toxic people are fine in small doses. However, if they are regulars in your group of friends or if they are close to you every day, it can take a toll on your mental well-being.


Negative people project negativity, while positive people project positivity.

Surround yourself with people with easy smiles, joyful and that know how to enjoy life. Their happiness will also spill to you too!

Move around

Move around enjoy life

Stress leaves the person on the edge, annoyed, and you become the kind of negative someone you yourself should be avoiding. Exercise is fundamental to keep the body healthy and strong, but also to release tensions accumulated.


Make sure you choose an activity you like, though, or else it will become a secondary source of stress. As long as you enjoy it and it makes you move, anything will do, from going to the gym to play in the yard with your dogs.

Find positives everywhere

A good strategy to start enjoying life once again is distracting your bad or sad thoughts by thinking positive. You don’t even have to overanalyze the situation by looking for the good traits, you can look for them anywhere.

Did you get fired? Good thing you bought that super comfy chair for your living room in time. Yes, you might be unemployed, but, boy, that chair is good.


See? It’s easy. And you may even come up with such weird positives to linger on that it can actually make you laugh!

Get a hobby

Doing something you like and enjoy will help you express your emotions and release your tension. Getting a hobby will also help you to focus your energies on something you like.

Besides, you’re likely to start plotting new ways to make it better or to enjoy it more. Positive thoughts will be coming your way from all around!


Don’t know what to do? Make a list of things you think that could be interesting or that are completely different from what you are normally attracted to. Write them all in your agenda and commit yourself to try them all.

One of them will be the winner and, if not, at least you had new experiences, met new people and along the way you grew as a person.

Declutter your life

enjoy life declutter

It’s hard to enjoy life and see the beauty around you when you leave your nest every day already stressed or in a bad mood.


Your house is your safe place and you should feel relaxed and protected when in there, never stressed. So take the cue from the best seller author Marie Kondo and declutter your life.

Anything that you don’t use, don’t bring any practical value or you feel annoyed or indifferent towards to, it’s out. They are not serving any purpose other than distracting your attention and consuming time whenever you need to tide or clean them.

By removing things that are in your way, you will be rewarded with a much wider and clear vision of what surrounds you.



It’s pretty hard to enjoy life when your head is constantly bowed down, not in shame or sorrow, but because you’re looking at your phone.

Besides being time-consuming, you’re constantly exposed to drama and depressing news, which is bound to influence your mood too.

Give it a try and don’t pick your phone up every 5 minutes. You can set specific times to check it, update and get your updates, and then put it down again.


If you’re bored, try simply looking around. Watch the faces, the buildings around you, make up stories in your head about the people living there.

Don’t multitask

Enjoy each moment completely.

If you’re eating, put your phone down, turn the tv off, close your newspaper. Feel and taste the food, talk to people, feel the smells in the air.


Multitasking is great for time efficiency, but awful when you want to appreciate life and the moment.

Organize your morning and evenings

Organize your morning and evenings enjoy life

Rushing out in the morning will make you begin your day stressed and tensed. Going to sleep late or doing activities that influence the sleep quality right before bedtime won’t give your body time to reset itself.

If you don’t rest and start your days at full speed for all the wrong reasons, then it’s normal that you don’t feel like looking around and appreciate life.


Design a routine and stick to it. Waking up early in the morning so you’re not late will be easier if your night routine is more efficient.

Sleep better and longer to rest properly. Mornings will still be hard, but the kind that leaves room for a smile when you feel the sun rays on your face leaving the house.

Go with the flow

Most of these tips might look bleak to you. Thinks pretty to say, but hard to do and that will just add another social pressure to your already stressed life.


But it can be done! Think positive and laugh, and you can do it!

If you need proof, check out Matt Weinstein’s talk on the video below. The author of “Work like your dog” is an example of how you can see positivity and humour in everything around you, even when you’re supposed to be serious and focus.



Written by Catarina Alves

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