5 Essential oils for sleep and aromatic relaxation

Find out which essential oils can help you get a good recovering sleep at night

Essential oils for sleep

Nowadays everyone is living a fast-paced life and it leads to not getting enough sleep at night. The habit of consuming coffee throughout the day to stay awake doesn’t help either as the body is unable to rest. The use of essential oils for sleep thus present itself as a very attractive option.

They are very easy to use and with just inhaling their aroma they can help induce sleep. They are completely natural and can be an excellent substitute for expensive prescribed drugs.

5 essential oils for sleep: rest in their aroma

Essential oils for sleep rest

To help you resolve your insomnia issue, it can take months or even years. People are willing to spend great amounts of money on treatments and devices to help them fall asleep but the solution could be much cheaper and easier. Get to know the best essential oils for sleep and how they can help you get the Zs you’ve been looking for.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the main oils used in aromatherapy.

The molecules of the lavender oil relax the mind to help it fall asleep. Inhaling it has a relaxing effect that besides helping you sleep, can also be an ally against anxiety and stress. This relaxing effect is also one of the reasons why this oil can also be used to treat cough fits.

Vetiver essential oil

A woody and rich scent will envelop your senses and will help you to go to sleep easily. It has a very calming and balmy effect on a person.

It is the perfect essential oil for people who are also suffering from anxiety, ADHD and insomnia. You can apply it on the neck area, wrists and you can also sniff it before going to sleep.

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense oil is well known for preventing the signs of anxiety and chronic stress, which keeps people awake at night.

The scent of this oil acts like a natural sleeping aid and also helps in opening the nasal passages to aid the body reach an ideal sleeping temperature. It can also help in eliminating any signs of pain. It relaxes a person almost immediately.

Roman chamomile

This oil is an effective yet gentle essential oil anyone can use it on a daily basis. It does not only help in relaxing, but it also very good for your skin.

Moreover, it has calming and soothing effects on the brain, which can help a person fall asleep immediately. You can apply a few drops on your desired areas or you can use an essential oil diffuser.

Valerian essential oil

This oil has remarkable effects on the brain but, unfortunately, it doesn’t have a pleasant smell.

It calms down the central nervous system which helps a person to fall into a deep sleep. You can apply it to your feet or any other part of the body where you are not troubled by the scent.

Are you ready to try them?

Relaxation is vital for sleep to come and for the body to be able to fully rest. Using essential oils for sleep are a great way to achieve this in a natural way and without the possible side effects of sleeping drugs.

To use avoid any misstep and hurting yourself instead of helping, check out in the next video the most common mistakes made with essential oils from a user’s point of view.