Best exercises for lower back pain

We know how uncomfortable back pain can be. That’s te reason why we bring you these tips, to help you alleviate them.

exercises for lower back pain

Lower back pain or lumbago or spondylosis as it is also called is a very common ailment affecting adults. Some people mistakenly think that resting will help cure their lower back pain but in truth, it is necessary to remain active and move the back as well as its muscles to help ease the pain. Fortunately, there are certain exercises for lower back pain! They are designed to help alleviate lower back pain and which one you choose depends on your abilities and preferences.

Take a look at the best exercises for that annoying back pain

Keep in mind that you may experience slight discomfort when you start doing your exercises. However, this pain will ease once you start exercising and when your muscles become stronger.

Partial crunches

lower back pain exercises

Partial stomach crunches are a popular type of exercise that helps to strengthen your lower back and its stomach muscles. If you suffer from spondylosis, then this is the perfect exercise for you. To perform this exercise, you must first lie on your back and then after crossing your arms around your chest, and with stomach muscles kept tight, you should raise your shoulders up. While doing this, remember to breathe out and hold the position for a second after which you can slowly lower your body down. Between eight and twelve reps will do wonders for your lower back pain.

Hamstring stretching

how to alliviate back pain

Stretching the hamstrings helps to provide relief to your legs, where the muscles supporting your lower back are located. To do this exercise, you must start by lying on your back with one of your knees bent. Now, place a towel under the ball of your foot on the leg that is not bent. Pull on the towel and also straighten your knee. Hold this position for between fifteen and thirty seconds and do this for each leg for between twice and four times.

Sitting against the wall

best way to reduce back pain
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Sitting against the wall is a perfect way of easing lower back pain. To perform these exercises, you need to first stand against the wall and then slowly and carefully, you need to lean towards the wall until your back is resting flat on the wall. Now, slide your body down until your knees are bent over so slightly. Keep pressing your back against the wall and hold this position while counting up to ten. Now, slide your body back up the wall and repeat this exercise for between eight and twelve times.

Extending the back

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The press-up back extension exercise is also designed to ease lower back pain. Start by lying on your stomach and put your hands just below the shoulders. Next, push down on the hands. This will cause your shoulders to lift up from the floor. Position your elbows so that they are directly under your shoulders. Hold this position for a few seconds.

The bird dog exercise

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Finally, you may want to perform the bird dog exercise as it is very good at easing lower back pain. Start by getting on your hands and knees. Ensure that your abdominal muscles are tight and then use one leg to lift and extend it while also ensuring your hips are level. Hold this position for five seconds and do the same with the other leg. Repeat this exercise for each leg for between eight and twelve times.

Some don’ts

Other than these exercises, also make sure you avoid leg lifts and be sure not to attempt any sit-ups. Last but not least, be very careful about choosing a weight lift regimen, which when done the right way, will melt the pain and also strengthen your lower back.