9 Powerful exercises for women after 40

If you are looking for effective exercises for your age, this article might help you!

exercises for women after 40
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Exercise for women is as important as it is to anyone else. Women tend to get old faster because of the stress or tension they suffer especially after 40. There are exercises for women after 40 available which can help them stay healthy regardless of their age or stamina.

Effective exercises for women after 40

Women always ignore their own bodies’ needs, all the while ensuring others to do so. If you fit in this category, then it’s time you pay attention to your body. Otherwise, your life can start becoming more difficult than it already is. Although this article was written explaining exercises for women after 40 it also can be very helpful to women under this age. Take a look and let us know your thoughts about them.

1. Warm Up

Warm up
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Probably one of the most important exercise for women. Basically, warm up is something you do when you’re about to start some intense workout. It helps you lose tension in your muscles and

body. So before going through your desired workout, warm up till you break a little sweat.

2. Burpee


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The first in the list is burpees. Now after 40, you will notice your metabolism slowing down. This can be prevented by doing burpees. Start slow and eventually pick up speed. This might help your metabolism to remain intact and if continued for a long period then you may notice an increase in it as well.

3. Plank

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When it comes to exercises for women, plank is a complete one. Frequently practiced in yoga and Pilates, plank can help you tone down your back, abdominal and shoulders. You can start by doing it for 30 seconds with a 30 seconds rest, and increase it accordingly your strength. The resting time can variate.

4. Squats


Squat is a fun exercise and when properly performed can help tone the body, prevent injuries, burn fat and improve mobility and balance. To start doing this exercise properly, try to use a chair. Take a nice wide stance, put your hands in front of you (straight arms) for balance, sit back and return to the previous position. Keep your spine always straight, look forward and try to keep your knees behind your toes.

5. Dumbbells

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Lift dumbbells once in a while to prevent yourself from arthritis and other such pains. Dumbbell lifting is quite easier but slowly and gradually, you have to push yourself to lifting a bit heavier ones. Don’t go overboard but don’t stay in your comfort zone forever as well. In case you don’t have any dumbbells you can try with bottles of water. It’s a way to start!

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6. Glute Bridge

glute bridge
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Glute bridge may prevent you from back pain. Hence, try the glute bridge every day five to ten times or how many times you feel enough. Remember after 40, your back becomes highly sensitive, slight disturb in posture leads to huge problems. By trying the Glute Bridge, you’re preventing it from happening all together.

7. Cardio

It’s known that cardiovascular exercise can help you on getting fitter and helps to prevent many types of diseases but what you should know, is that you do not have to run to improve your health. There are simple exercises for women that you can do without getting out of your backyard or even your home.

You can always use your stairs to go up and down, do some jumping jacks (the typical military exercise where you jump to a position with your legs spread wide and your hands’ touch overhead, multiple times), walking with a fast pace or even running. Walking allows your mood to freshen up, lose excessive fat and keeps you active throughout your days.

9. Stretching Your Arms

Stretching Your Arms
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With all the above in mind, don’t forget stretching your arms out once in a while. Make a T position then a Y and back to T. With this your arms lose the pressure holding them up and slowly relax away!

Exercises for women after 40

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Note: Online Tips advise you not start any exercise plan without consulting a professional first.

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