These are the best exercises to make you live longer

Find your body age by doing this bending test

exercise to live longer
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Who doesn’t want to know exercises to live longer with a good and healthy life? Health is our main happiness and longevity engine. Habits dictate who we are and although age is a very important factor in someone’s longevity, it does not always correspond to your state of mind or physical skills.

In order for you to find your body age, OnlineTips invites you to take the test.

Exercises to live longer – Check your body age with this bending test

body age bending test
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This exercise is enough to make your body flexible and determine your body age while you’re at it. All you have to do is bend and straighten your arms. Try to make them reach the floor. You will encounter the following three situations:

1. Your hands will touch the floor with your legs straight and you will have no problem in doing so. This means your body is in its 20s.

2. Your hands will touch your feet but not the floor. This means your body is in its 30s.

3. Your hands barely touch your feet and your legs crumble. This indicates the age limit of 40s.

4. Your hands barely go down to your knees with your legs straight. This indicates 50s and above.

Improving your flexibility

Improving your flexibility

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Even if your body age is 50 or above, you don’t need to worry. You should try this same exercise 30 times. With each stretch, you’ll feel a soft burn in your muscles but you will slowly get used to it and relax completely over time. This routine is probably one the most effective exercises to live longer!

Yoga Routine

yoga routine
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One of the exercises is affiliated with yoga. All you have to do is sit straight and then inhale from your stomach all the way to your lungs. As result of this, your stomach gets pushed inside. Hold it for a few seconds and then exhale slowly. Repeat the cycle a few times. This will allow your muscles to relax. And also, it’s quite easy to do so!

Walk or Dance

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Walking or dancing enables you to move your entire body to its core. Also, they keep your mood refreshed and your spirit alive. They can also manage to keep you out of depression. Hence, walk daily or dance for a few minutes every day and you will notice a change in yourself.

Eat Healthy Food

eat healthy food
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Don’t give up on the junk cheesy food but keep it at its limit. Drink more juices, eat more fruits and natural things. This will give all the necessary vitamins or minerals to your body and you’ll feel energized. Healthy food is also a part of the habits to live longer. Food is important hence make sure you consume all the healthy ones to ensure a healthy wealthy life! You can also check our article on how to have a healthy skin with a clear skin diet.

Note: Online Tips advise you not start any exercise plan without consulting a professional first.


Exercises to live longer


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