5 Exercises to increase breast size (and a few tricks)

Lift your bosom and enjoy firmer and fuller breasts with these exercises

Exercises to increase breast size

Did you know there are exercises to increase breast size? That’s not their primary goal, for sure, but they can do wonders to make your chest look bigger, fuller and tauter.

Bear in mind that these exercises do not increase the breasts per se. However, they work out the muscles around them, toning and augmenting them, which as a consequence will provide a better support and firmer look to your chest.

5 exercises to increase breast size and make it perkier

These exercises are quite simple and basic. So much that you may wonder if they are the real deal or not. But give them a try.

As soon as you start, you will feel the muscles around your breast working out and you might even be surprised to learn of the existence of some of them.


push ups Exercises to increase breast size

Push-ups may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of exercises to increase breast size, but they are one of the most effective ones.

This exercise works out the pectoral muscles and helps to increase your overall bust, which will make your breasts appear larger and firmer. Try starting out with 15 repetitions every day or every second day.

If it’s too hard for you, decrease the number of repetitions and slowly increase them with each training.

Chest presses, especially if you’re using weights, are also a very good alternative.

Chest contractions

This exercise only targets the chest. Its goal is to tone the small muscles around the breasts to give them better support and make them look firmer. If you’re concerned with remaining more dainty, this is the exercise for you.

All you need for this particular exercise is a towel. Alternatively, you can use a yoga strap as well.

How to do it

1. Stand straight, with legs relaxed at shoulder width.

2. Holding the towel in both hands, stretch your arms out in front of your until they are aligned with your shoulders.

3. Pull the towels in opposing directions. Try to keep your elbows from helping and channel the strength to your chest muscles.

Chair dips

Chair dips work out the pectorals, the deltoids (shoulder muscles), abdominals and the triceps. They are great to reinforce the muscles around your breasts to provide better support and to give them the perky look that makes fuller.

How to do it

1. Sit on the edge of a chair and place your hands next to your body, fingers turned towards the feet.

2. Using your arms as the main support, move your feet forward until your butt is out of the chair and your back is staying parallel to it. Keep your shoulders neutral. This is the starting position.

3. Start bending your elbows – shoulders always neutral! – and slowly descend until your butt almost touches the floor. Keep your back straight and parallel to the chair.

4. Use your palms to force your body up again to the starting position.

Wall press

wall press Exercises to increase breast size

Wall press is similar to push-ups but it’s easier to do since you’re standing up.

How to do it

1. Stand in front of a wall at arms-length. Raise your arms straight until they are aligned with the shoulders and rest your palms on the wall.

2. Keeping your body straight and without displacing the feet, lean forward bending the elbows until your forehead touches the wall.

3. Use your arm strength to lift the body back into the initial position.

Shoulder rounding

The goal of the exercises to increase breast size is to work the muscles around them. Bigger muscles will make your chest look bigger but will also provide more support to give them a perky look.

To increase the efficiency of this exercise, try to contract your armpits as you perform it. Keep sending signals to your body telling it those muscles should be working out too.

How to do it

1. Lay on the floor, face down. Place your arms straight at shoulders-width above your head. The legs should be straight too, but relaxed.

2. Slowly, lift up your arms, bend your elbows and push them back as if you were trying to bring them together behind your back. You should feel your shoulder blades coming together and your chest muscles stretching.

3. Get back to the initial position and repeat. To increase the difficulty, don’t let your arms rest on the floor when going back. Before they touch it, bend your elbows again and repeat the exercise.

Your torso will naturally lift up a bit with this movement. Remember to keep your lumbar relaxed, don’t lift your legs to help with the exercise and relax your neck. The shoulders should be in a neutral position throughout the exercise.

Tricks to make your breasts look bigger

Tricks Exercises to increase breast size

Performing exercises to increase breast size naturally is quite effective, but it also takes a lot of patience. While you’re waiting for the desired results, you can always make use of these clever tricks.

Dress to Flatter

To make this trick work, a low-cut top or V-neck is the ideal. You’ll be boosting your natural cleavage, after all.

Alternatively, you can invest in a high-quality push-up bra to make your breasts look amazing with no effort at all. As you naturally increase your breast size, you’ll use the push-up bra less and less.


Maintaining proper posture is another way to make your breasts appear significantly larger. By standing with your back straight, you push your chest forward, drawing the attention there.

Breast Contouring

This doesn’t help to increase your breast size, but if you’re in a pinch, it can help for the moment! It’s similar to face contouring, it’s all about playing with shadows and highlights to bring out the best in you.

Check the video below to learn how to do it.