10 Best fat burning foods: eat more to weight loss

These foods can fill you up while supporting your fight for a slimmer body

fat burning foods

It’s easy to gain, but always difficult to lose, what is it? Well, weight. As long as there is scrumptious food around, it’s hard to keep your hands away and later on the consequences can be dire. But what if you exchange those creaving with fat burning foods? Yes, it’s possible to eat and still see the numbers going down on a scale. So get ready to burn some fat!!

Best fat burning foods to eat and lose weight

While you might be tempted to go on a diet, experts warn that often people go beyond limits, restricting intake of essential nutrients and develop certain disorders. To lose weight, the best thing to do is not cut on your meals, but rather eat smartly, like adding these fat burning foods to your diet.


fat burning foods seeds

Seeds successfully fight off hunger pangs and fill you up upon intake.

Go for sunflower and pumpkin seeds, which provide your body with immunity enhancing zinc. Chia seeds are another option for you, as they boost your metabolic rate.

Have them for breakfast, add them to your smoothie, or eat them up as a whole and you are good to go.

A small quantity will fill you up and later on fight away the cravings. They improve metabolic activity, decrease fat absorption and are extremely rich in dietary fiber.


Berries are rich in fiber, which makes them improve satiety and definitely reduce food cravings thereby helping you to burn fat.
Being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, berries help in regulating blood glucose levels. Their sugar content is less compared to many other fruits, thereby aiding in weight loss. Add them to your meals, or simply drink their juice before workout and see the magic.


Potatoes fat burning foods

Surprised to see them on the list? Well, if taken in baked form, they are your ticket to your slimmer self! As long as you don’t fry the potatoes, they will help you lose weight as they are rich in nutrients and fill you up fast, reducing food cravings.

Being rich in potassium they help to beat bloating and the fiber in them keeps you filled for longer periods. Try having them in lunch or dinner, baked potatoes are your new favorites.


Having the right proportion of fat, fiber, and protein, nuts tend to keep you healthy and strengthened. They are also great and practical as snacks, with just a few of them keeping cravings away. People who snack on nuts also tend to have lower abdominal fat.
Almonds, Walnuts, peanuts etc., would keep you full as they are calorie dense. A quarter cup in the evening would fill you up, so do add them to your meal plans to burn away fat.

Green tea

green tea fat burning foods

A perfect fat burning stimulant.

The tea boosts your metabolism and promotes thermogenesis of adipose (fat) tissue.
It acts as a detox due to the numerous amounts of anti-oxidants in it. A cup in the morning or as a caffeine substitute in the evening would do you great.


Oats are nutrient-rich dietary foods that help to lower blood cholesterol levels when eaten on a regular basis. They can be used in a variety of ways in your daily meals to lose weight and promote a healthy lifestyle.
Have them as cereal in your breakfast, or make a smoothie from them or simply have a chocolate bar full of oats to fulfill your darkest fantasies.


This fruit from heaven also belongs in a list of best fat burning foods as it contains a considerable amount of HCA that prevents sugar to fat conversion. Include this wonder fruit in your diet to fight off hunger pangs.
Simply have a glass before a workout or in the morning with breakfast to burn those carbs.

Olive oil

oilive oil fat burning foods

Switch your regular cooking oil to olive oil. Being rich in Omega-3 it helps to fill you up and slim you down overall.
Use while cooking meals, or as a dressing with salads to enjoy it.


Highly recommended to reduce belly fat, eggs offer a protein-rich meal to you. Not only do they help build up stronger and more defined muscles, they also reduce and fight cravings. Add them to your breakfast routine and you will definitely see the changes.


Tuna, salmon, and sardines are your best shot to reduce carbs. These lean protein-rich foods help to improve metabolic activity and the omega-3 ensures you get your fill without having to deal with hunger pangs.

The following video can also help you understand why you can still lose weight and achieve the calorie deficit to do it without having to fast or suffer from cravings.