Fluffy pancake recipes for the whole family

For a nice and tasty breakfast. Don’t miss these recipes!

amazing recipe fluffy pancake
Credits: Cafe Delites

How to make fluffy pancakes: 9 recipes

Pancakes are a classic breakfast, ask anyone! They are incredibly simple to make and quite filling. Many families buy frozen pancakes, while others choose the “just add water” pancake mix. However, there are many terrific recipes that you can reference to make your own from scratch! Everyone knows that the fluffiest pancakes are the best pancakes. Below is a collection of fluffy pancake recipes. Find one that works the best for you and modify it, as needed.

Fluffy pancakes by Kris

fluffy pancakes
Credits: Allrecipes / Hannah Culbertson

Rated 5 stars by over 12,000 cooks worldwide, these pancakes are sure to make an impact! These pancakes don’t require much prep time or many ingredients, but the ingredients stray from the typical pancake mix. Many others have made modifications to this recipe in order to make it more tasty to their personal palette. If you’re hesitant about the instructions, try reading some of the reviews and see what other cooks have to say!

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TOH fluffy pancakes

amazing fluffy pancakes
Credits; Tortadimele

These pancakes are simple to make, resulting in 8 servings. You can adjust the ingredients if you need to make more. This recipe uses salt and baking powder, which are critical agents to make fluffier pancakes. These are quick bake pancakes, with virtually no wait time.

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Easy fluffy pancakes recipe by Adam

easy fluffy pancakes
Credits: Inspired Taste

This is an easy to follow the recipe for pancakes (with a video!). These pancakes are the perfect blend of sweet and bitter, with vanilla extract for added flavor. You’ll likely have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen right now! The trick with most pancake recipes is to mix the pancake batter in steps, dry with dry and wet with wet. This recipe also has some great suggestions for pancake toppings!

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Fluffy pancakes by Pillsbury

delicious pancakes
Credits: Pillsbury

This recipe comes from Pillsbury for simple, yet delicious, pancakes. These are made quick and easy, with nutritional information. An added bonus is instructions for storing left-overs! This is ideal when you want to prepare food in advance.

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Fluffy, fluffy pancakes by chocolates and chai

yummy pancakes recipes
Credits: Chocolates and Chai

These pancakes give all other pancakes a run for their money as they redefine the term “fluffy”! The instructions are available in full detail and short form. At the bottom of the page, there’s an option to get a print-friendly version of the recipe, so you can start baking now.

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Fluffy American pancakes by Louisa Carter

american pancake
Credits: BBC

This recipe shows you how to make light and fluffy pancakes, topped with a handful of fruit. The preparation time for these pancakes is a bit longer than the typical recipe and it doesn’t serve nearly as many people. However, there is an additional tip with this recipe to make the pancakes even fluffier. With a bonus of different flavor combinations, such as serving the pancakes with vanilla ice-cream!

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A simple pancake recipe by Nagi

simple pancake recipe
Credits: RecipeTin Eats

This pancake recipe put a focus on the taste and less on the appearance of the “ideal” pancake. This recipe makes enough pancakes for the whole family and offers a wide variety of suggestions for baking options. These pancakes aren’t too sweet as the cook behind the recipe chooses to focus on toppings instead. These pancakes have an almost perfect rating from everyone who has tried the recipe. Plus, at the bottom of the page, there’s a print-friendly version of the entire recipe with summarized instructions. There is also a bunch of pictures of the pancakes so you can see different results.

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Best ever homemade pancake recipe by Emily Grace

best homemade pancake
Credits: Grace and Good Eats

This pancake recipe offers suggestions for getting the perfect pancake, both inside and out. With a great and a great appearance, this will easily become your favorite recipe to try. Aside from the delicious taste and high ratings, this recipe has a handful of bonuses. The print-friendly version at the bottom of the page includes nutrition information for the batch. Emily even offers suggestions for the ideal pancake toppings to create a fun and fruity flavor palette.

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Best fluffy pancakes by Karina

best fluffy pancakes
Credits: Cafe Delites

This pancake recipe comes from Cafe Delites and makes at least 12 pancakes. Along with detailed ingredients and instructions for the perfect taste, this recipe offers suggestions to get the perfect appearance for your pancakes as well. The main benefit of this pancake recipe is the lack of buttermilk. As buttermilk is thicker, it’s more fattening and many cooks do not want to use buttermilk. Instead, opting for a more thin solution with less fat. For the health conscious looking to treat themselves, this is the ideal recipe. Plus, there’s a print-friendly version with nutrition facts and topping suggestions, saving you both time and effort.

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When it comes to making the best fluffy pancakes, you’ll want to follow the instructions closely. You can modify the ingredients a bit but stick as close as possible to the original recipe.