12 amazing garden ideas

Don’t leave your plan on the paper! Try to improve your garden right now, based on these ideas.

12 Amazing Garden Ideas
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You love gardening but do not have the facilities or space for a fully-grown garden? It does not mean you cannot fulfill your wish. It is easy to create a small garden even in a very small space. There are so many garden ideas of different types of gardens on Pinterest that a person with zero knowledge can even become a gardener. No doubt gardening can be a tedious job and requires hours of long work and care but the planted result of homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs are satisfying.

Be creative – Types of garden to inspire you

Once you understand how these ideas work, we’ll sure your mind will be racing. Don’t leave your plan on the paper and try to improve your garden right now, based on these ideas.

Hanging gardens

Hanging gardens
Images: Pinterest

A great kind of garden for those who have backache problems. You will feel productive this way. You can grow strawberries and many other small fruits this way.

Vertical garden

Vertical gardens

Images: Catalog Plan/Atelier Clássico

If you have a small porch or a small yard then you can plant vertically by putting little pots on the wall or make DIY pockets on the wall. You can grow small herbs such as rosemary, coriander, mint, thyme, and many others. Also, you can attach small boxes on a wall and grow vegetables in it. You will have a complete vegetable wall.

Make use of containers

Container Gardens
Images: Pinterest / Backporch Garden

You may have many extra containers in your homes. Paint them in different colors and pout soil and use them to grow small fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can even use them to plant flowers for visual beauty and to complete the look for your garden. If you have big plastic boxes or containers you can also put them side by side and use them for planting small batches of vegetables and fruits.

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Raised garden beds

Raised Garden Beds
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Utilize all kinds of space and make raised garden beds. You can make small boxes by putting wooden slabs on top of each other and putting cardboard and soil inside. Raised garden beds with wheels is another feasible option which is mobile and you can even change its place and move it someplace else.

Watering the plants

Watering the plants
Images: Youtube – Roberto Sobral / Pinterest

Obviously, after planting, you will need to water them as well. If you have a big garden then you can install an irrigation system for which you will need some sprinklers, pipes, hoses and a lateral beam and you will just need to turn on the tap. If this option is not suitable for you then the easiest way is the plastic bottle drip irrigation method. You will need 2-liter plastic bottles for this purpose and make 2 to 3 holes in the bottom and 2 to 3 holes on the sides of the bottle. Plant some bottles deep in the soil and you just need to fill the bottles with water which will go directly to the roots. Your plastic bottle drip irrigation system is ready.

Construct a pathway

Construct Pathway
Images: Pinterest

Once your amazing small garden is ready, you will also need to complete the look by making a pathway. You can create one with painted bricks in a spiral way, with big stones or with cutted logs. A walkway with small pebbles or tiles in a mosaic effect will also look unique and nice.

Garden Ideas

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