5 home remedies for kidney stones for prevention and destruction

Find out how to prevent and help destroy the kidney stones with these natural solutions

home remedies for kidney stones

Kidney stones are quite common, but any more pleasant for it. Nobody wants them, but sometimes they happen, and you need to deal with them. Home remedies for kidney stones are one of the easiest and most natural way to do it. 

The “stones” are actually crystallized salts and minerals which form into painful masses called calculi or urolithiasis. One this is for sure: they can only leave the body through the urinary tract, which can be extremely painful.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural, healthy ways you can attack the kidney stone without expensive surgery or difficult, uncomfortable procedures.


Home remedies for kidney stones: natural solutions to break the wall


home remedies for kidney stones

Technically, this is a preventative, not a cure, but it’s still the best place to start, given its overall importance here.

During periods of dehydration, the movement of fluid through the kidneys is slowed and sometimes even prevented. This means that compounds of salts, minerals, and other hard deposits might come into contact with each other, stick together, and begin to form a stone.

Fortunately, dehydration can be avoided through the use of lifestyle-suited strategies and good habits. For instance, if you leave a bottle of water always at hand reach and eye sight you’re more likely to drink more water than if you had to go and fetch it on purpose.



You might know basil for its distinctive fragrance and its inimitable flavor in food, but it also has many medicinal qualities.

The distinct green herb is packed with vitamins, and it contains acetic acid, which can reduce pain and help break down stones, whether they are already formed or just starting. It also has compounds that help stabilize uric acid levels, which, in turn, acts as a dampener, making it more difficult for stones to form.

You can eat fresh or dry leaves to profit from basil’s nutrients. You can also juice it or use it as a smoothie ingredient.


The amount of basil usually found in food is insufficient to be medicinal unless you eat a great deal of it; you get a more concentrated form in a beverage, with better bioabsorption.

Lemon juice

The citrate in lemons has an important role in preventing calcium deposits from forming. That bit of acid can also help break up small stones into smaller stones, sometimes making a critical difference in how painful the process is.

Lemons have just the right combination of citrus nature and acidity. Oranges have citrate but no acidity, grapefruit has too much acidity and harm the stomach. They are also extremely practical, as lemons are inexpensive and easily available.


Make some lemonade to enjoy the lemon’s benefits or add some drops of its juice to flavor water and pack it with nutrients. Both methods will also be hydrating which is a plus. Be careful with the amount of sugar you add to your drink as it could contribute to unhealthy levels of insulin or insulin spikes.


pomegranate home remedies for kidney stones

Pomegranates are astringent, which means they cause body tissues to contract. This also has a blood thinning effect that may be positive for fighting kidney stones.

They also reduce the acidity level of urine. While some forms of acidity (such as the aforementioned citrate) can be helpful, general acidity itself may stimulate more stone development.


You can increase their intake either by drinking pomegranates as a juice or eating their seeds.

It’s also possible to make a “soup” of pomegranate seeds by mashing them into a paste and then adding a mixture of condiments and herbs to increase the flavor.

Kidney beans

Kidney beans are one of the more renown home remedies for kidney stones because their effectivity and their resemblance to the organ.


They’re an excellent source of minerals, particularly magnesium which helps break up stones. They also tend to flush your system, improving urinary tract performance.

As a staple food, they have the added advantage of being incorporated into many cuisine options. They can be used in stews, chili, salads, or alone as a side dish.

What are the causes of kidney stones?

The kidneys are critical organs; they are the source of detoxification. They fight impurities in the bloodstream, and process urinary waste.


When they’re prevented or inhibited  to do their job, the body can begin to be overwhelmed. Crystals will then begin to accumulate until the stones are created, which, in turn, will physically block the passage of toxins out of the body, aggravating the condition.

You can eat healthy and still suffer from kidney stones. Too much of a good thing can turn it into a bad thing.

Make sure to have a diverse diet, to balance your portions and to keep always hydrated. The aforementioned home remedies for kidney stones are very useful and effective, but it’s always better to prevent than to treat.


About how long should it take to pass a kidney stone?

ruler how long home remedies for kidney stones

Not all kidney stones can pass without medical assistance. The most important point to consider is the size of the stone.

Small stones – 3-4 millimeters – very frequently pass on their own, in about a month’s time. It can still be painful, but it’s a natural process, and the aforementioned home remedies for kidney stones can help.

In the range of about 5-7 millimeters, more than half still pass naturally. It takes longer, though, and average of a month and a half.


Stones larger than that may not pass at all, and if they do, it could take as long as a year. If you suspect you might have a stone that size, see a medical professional as it can actually block the release of toxins.

A last word

Remember, your health is an asset at any age and at any point in life. While some stones develop later, they can appear at any age.

Take good care of yourself, and be mindful of what you put into your body. The payoffs can be huge in the long term, and your happiness and safety should be paramount considerations.


If you want to learn more about the functioning of kidneys and how and why stones get formed, check the following crash course into the kidney anatomy.

Written by Leonardo Oliveira

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