8 best hot dog recipes

This ‘yummy’ recipes will make your mouth water.

hot dog recipes

Hot dogs are one of the cheapest foods you can buy at the grocery store. It makes them easy to stock up on, but they can quickly lose flavor. Especially if you’re considering picky children that don’t want to eat the same thing over and over. If you’re looking to cook on a budget or have too many hot dogs, below is a list of hot dog recipes that can also keep your meals feeling fresh.

Delicious hot dog recipes

Chili cheese dilly dogs

Garlic and Zest
Credits: Garlic and Zest

These chili cheese dilly dogs are a twist on the classic hot dog, combining both the dilly dog and the chili cheese dog into one delicious meal, ideal for the summer. Because nothing says summer like a barbequed hot dog does. This recipe serves 8, but you can always double up on the ingredients to ensure you’ll have enough for the whole party.

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Taco dogs

taco dogs
Credits: Betty Crocker

Tacos are already pretty delicious, but when they are served on hot dogs, it’s even better. This recipe takes the classic ingredients of a taco and switches the shell for hot dog buns. Between the taco mix and the buns lies the delicious dog, best if cooked on the grill! Of course, you can adapt this recipe to suit your personal taste. Many people enjoy tacos in a different way. It’s just an idea that you can take and do almost anything with!

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Hot dog hash

hot dog hash
Credits: Macheesmo

This is a traditional breakfast, with a twist. Hash browns and fried eggs served with chopped up hot dogs to create a delicious blend of breakfast and lunch. This is ideal when you don’t want to add too much effort into making a new meal. The children will love the simplicity and so will you! The prep time is minimal, with the hash browns taking the longest. The hot dogs can be seasoned to your liking or just tossed on the pan with the hash browns to crisp.

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Ballpark Frank grilled cheese

ballpark frank grilled cheese
Credits: Redtri

This is exactly what is sounds like: a ballpark Frankfurt hot dog inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. I bet you never thought of something like that! This recipe takes all the ingredients that traditionally top the frank and places them between the slices of bread that make the grilled cheese. This combination of flavors creates the perfect blend that children will love.

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BBQ hot dogs over rice

bbq hot dogs over rice
Credits: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

This recipe gets a little fancy by grilling the hot dogs and lathering them in a barbeque sauce. Of course, you don’t have to grill them if you don’t want to. You can simply fry them on the stove with the barbeque sauce. The taste difference will be minimal. Then, you serve the roasted hot dogs over cooked rice and that’s it! It’s simple enough, especially if you’re skipping the grill. You can always add other ingredients, like vegetables if you want more variety. The best part about this recipe is that it is versatile. You can serve this to most picky children the way it is or add ingredients to satisfy the taste buds of others. If you have one picky eater, you can pull their meal out before adding in the extras!

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Hot dog sliders

hot dog sliders
Credits: Cook the Story

This recipe is a bit more traditional because it’s really the same flavor as a hot dog. However, you add an element of fun by cutting the hot dog in half and serving it as two. The miniature versions of this meal make it more engaging for children who are getting bored of hot dogs. You can always try mixing up the toppings to create new flavors too.

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Chili dog casserole

chilli dog casserole
Credits: Cully’s Kitchen

This is a fairly simple recipe that combines hot dogs and chili with tortillas and cheese to create a casserole. You’ll easily be able to blend the hot dog flavor with the chili to create a whole new experience. If you want to add vegetables, you can. If you want to add any different sauce, you can. You’re able to modify the ingredients to make them work for your personal taste.

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Mac and cheese dogs

mac and cheese dogs
Credits: Taste and Tell

Instead of adding hot dogs to mac and cheese (an easy way to add flavor and substance), you add mac and cheese as a topping on your hot dogs. This combines the flavors in a perfect way that makes the hot dog the more dominating flavor. The cheesy goodness of the mac and cheese replaces the need to add cheese to the hot dogs themselves. You can add other condiments to your mac and cheese dogs or serve them just the way they are. It’s another versatile meal for the whole family.

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