Top 4 exercises for a flat belly (without getting up of your chair!)

Easy, effective and effortless exercise to help you with your belly.

how to lose belly fat

Getting that coveted flat abdomen isn’t an easy feat and not one that can be achieved overnight. In order to find effective ways on how to lose belly fat, many people get it all wrong. For targeting that stubborn fat in the core of your body, you must choose exercising strategies that help you reach towards your goals faster.

All you need is a chair, to start exercising.

You may be sweating it out day in and day out, but did you ever realize how much of your effort is actually making a difference. Pause to think, but start following a set exercise plan from today. Above all, be consistent. Flat belly exercises can be performed absolutely anywhere. No need to visit your gym for that. Do them when sitting in a chair. Here are the six exercises that you can do easily and get great results.

Knee to the chest is best

Knee to the chest
Image: jankanban

Build strength and stamina in your abdominal muscles. Follow these steps to speed up your belly fat burning process:


  • Sit in a chair with your back straight at all times. Do not lean;
  • At hip width, place feet in front. Lift one knee and place it on your chest;
  • Keep your abs engaged while performing the action;
  • Repeat the movement using the other knee.
  • Do three sets of 20-repetitions each.

Dual raises for double the impact

Dual raises

Image: jankanban


  • Improve resistance in core training by performing the following actions and watch that stubborn body fat, especially the belly tighten up in no time;
  • Begin by sitting in a chair. Take care not to lean against the back;
  • Straighten your back and lift both the knee up to your chest;
  • Hold on to your chest tightly for 3-seconds and then release;
  • Return your legs back to the original position off the ground.
  • Repeat the steps for at least 20-repetitions for three sets each.

Knee-chest side lift

Knee-chest side lift
Image: Jankanban

Give yourself a dynamic workout by understanding how to lose belly fat through these below steps:


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  • Sit in a chair. Keep your back straight;
  • Lean to one side, lifting your opposite hip in the process;
  • Bring both knees together and raise them to your chest;
  • Pick up your action from where you left now leaning on the other side;
  • For at least 20-repetitions you’ll be able to fight that fat built-up.

Feel your glutes burning as you progress through the reps. The last few reps will be the most difficult ones in your set of flat belly exercises but challenging to complete.

Get to the ground

Get to the ground
Image: Jankanban

Burn belly fat from waist to hips. Try these steps to give yourself a great workout.


  • Sit with your feet firmly grounded. Open up your arms at shoulder height;
  • Twist your upper body to one side while going down to touch your feet with the other hand;
  • Hold the posture for few seconds and sit back straight again;
  • Repeat this exercise on the other side for about 20-reps;
  • Don’t rush through the reps to finish the set. Feel the burn in your abs and thighs during the movement. Know how to lose belly fat by working on exactly those muscles that engage your core.

These exercises will help you to not just maintain that slim waistline but works out your entire abdomen so that you can feel your muscles on fire from day 1. You can also check our article on how to slim your legs.

Bonus Tip: You can find a nice routine in the video below.
Note: Online Tips advise you not start any exercise plan without consulting a professional first.

How to lose belly fat

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