How to make cucumber water

This is how you make it delicious and effective!

cucumber water

Cucumber water is very nutritious for various health problems. People use cucumbers to relieve the eyes and improve the skin. That’s because cucumbers are rich in potassium. Drinking it gives the same number of benefits, if not more than eating the vegetable. It helps to reduce blemishes on the face and also treats acne marks. This water is very useful because it fights against various diseases like cancer and blood pressure.

Cucumber water is an effective way of staying healthy and refreshed. It is very easy to make, and that is what this article aims to teach you.

Cucumber water recipe

how to make cucumber water


1 Cucumber

1 Quart Ice (optional)

1 Tablespoon Lemon juice

1 Gallon Water

1 Pitcher or glass

  • Wash the cucumber to remove the dirt or bacteria that may be present. You may peel off the skin of cucumber if you like.
  • Take the cucumber and cut it. The thickness of the slice does not matter; it’s entirely up to you. If you want to make a big pitcher, you can cut all the cucumber. 4 to 5 slices will produce a glass of cucumber water.
  • Add small ice into the pitcher or glass if desired.
  • Add your sliced cucumber into the pitcher or glass
  • Add water into the pitcher or glass. The quantity of water you add depends on the size of the pitcher.
  • Once the pitcher or glass is filled with water, add a tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Cucumber water is best when it is cold, so ensure you give it some time in the fridge so as to allow the cucumber juice mix together with water.

Benefits of cucumber water

Helps in treatment of blood pressure

Cucumbers have mild diuretic properties due to the high content of potassium and water that regulate blood pressure and aid the treatment of high and low blood pressure.

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Slows down aging

cucumber water aging


By taking this refreshment, you are helping your body fight against radicals because the antioxidant content present in the cucumber slows down aging and improves your body’s ability to fight disease.

Helps fight cancer

The presence cucurbitacins in cucumber help fight against cancer by killing cancer cells and prevent their growth.

Helps in weight loss

Cucumber water also helps in weight loss by eliminating excess water and bloating. Cucumber water will naturally quench your thirst and make you forget other juices. This is an effective way of reducing calories in your diet.

How long does it last?

Consume cucumber water within two days because the juice has no preservatives, and the cucumbers may rot overtime.

How much should I drink daily?

drink cucumber water

Ideally, you should drink at least 6 glasses per day. However, if you are more active, and you exercise regularly, you should take 8-12 glasses of cucumber water daily.

If you love cucumbers, you will love this drink! It is a natural and healthy way of adding flavor to your water instead of using sweet-tasting bags!

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