Is vaping bad?

Is it worse than cigarettes? Get to know every fact about these “trend”.

is vaping bad

Let’s get right to the point: Is vaping bad? There is no definitive answer. That’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth. No one can give you an answer as to whether vaping is bad or good for your overall health. Instead, you can take a look at a collective of information and make your own decision.

Is vaping bad for your health: Yes or No?

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Yes, many studies have been conducted to try and get a solid answer. Many of those studies were biased and run by companies that believe nicotine is evil. You can’t trust a bias opinion on something like vaping. Furthermore, the companies would test vaping devices and liquids in unnatural ways. This includes overheating the liquid. Obviously, that’s not a reliable test as it doesn’t use a vaping device properly. Any product from anywhere in the world can be dangerous when used incorrectly!

That said, there are more aspects to consider than just the agenda of anti-tobacco companies.

Is vaping better than smoking?

While studies can’t determine the health of vaping alone, all studies are unanimous that vaping is significantly better than smoking. The studies conducted in the United Kingdom suggest vaping is 95% better than smoking.

This boils down to one main difference: Combustion. Yes, both products contain nicotine. Vaping liquid can be bought at the same nicotine levels as a typical cigarette. However, the act of lighting the cigarette releases somewhere around 70 different chemicals into the air and into your lungs. Vaping liquids are not combusted, they simply heat to allow for smoke. This process is similar to the steam coming off a boiling pot of water.

There was a study conducted in the United States that showed at least 50% of individuals who smoke were able to quit smoking after switching to vaping. In Europe, 15 million people were observed to quit or drastically reduce how much they smoked. This is one of the reasons vaping is recommended to smokers who are trying to quit or cut back. A transition to vaping is ideal to quitting cold turkey.

The pros and cons of vaping

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There are definitely pros and cons to vaping and there just isn’t enough room to try and list them all. Instead, let’s skip to the most important information:


  • No combustion
  • Reduced chemicals, no carbon monoxide
  • No second-hand smoke or associated risks
  • No smoke damage in your home/car
  • Inexpensive
  • A wider range of products and flavors
  • Increase enjoyment
  • Not nearly as addictive as smoking
  • No mucus or coughing problems

Side-effects of vaping

  • Still has nicotine
  • Some devices are complicated
  • Many liquids are terrible tasting
  • Some liquids cause allergic reactions
  • Vapers experience dry mouth
  • Vaping is bad for those with heart disease
  • Liquids containing diacetyl and acetyl propionyl may cause some risks

You should keep in mind that most people are uncomfortable around vape smoke because they are misinformed about the dangers. Be respectful of them.


If you use your vaping device safely, it’s not “bad” for you. Vaping is bad if you’re purchasing low-grade products though. Only purchase your device and liquids from trusted sellers with a money-back guarantee. Many of the vape horror stories you’ve read are simply due to poor products.

If you are not a smoker: DO NOT VAPE. There is nothing “cool” about any type of smoking, regardless of the device or chemical levels.