Itchy skin causes

The more you scratch the worse it gets!

itchy skin causes

Have you ever wondered why you get those irritating itch across your spine, or perhaps you’ve been finding it hard to stretch forth towards the tickle on your back? There are a lot of itchy skin causes and most times it’s often hard to pinpoint the ground of those pains. But, due to acute research that has been done, it has been revealed that itchy skin which is also known as pruritus, is a feeling that could remain uncontrollable if not handled properly. Itchy skin also makes individuals suffer different illnesses as part of the accompanying effects on the victims.

Itchy skin causes

Most times, itching is one of the main symptoms of many skin problems. In all regards, the skin serves as a receptor that readily protects the body from intruding measures. And once the skin detects any foreign objects, it triggers a self-defense reaction. This eventually makes the immune system to react to anything that might touch the skin.

Itching is a major symptom common to many complaints on the skin. Here are some of the causes itchy skin.

Dry skin

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This is one of the major cause of itchy skin. This is so because there’s are lots of environmental factors that could lead to the advances such as itchy skin. In such cases, dry skin could be a catalyst and as well be a dominant cause that can affect any age group. Dry skin makes the skin drier and thinner.

  • Common signs and symptoms of dry skin include the following:
  • Rough and scaly pores
  • Excessive itching
  • Cracked skin and lips


cause of itchy skin

This is another cause of itchy skin. It is most common in infants. Eczema readily affects 1 in 5 infants but it often improves over time. Eczema is the most common cause of itchy skin amongst children.

  • Other causes include allergies, hives, parasitic infection, Poison oak, Pinworms, Chicken Pox, Dermatographia, Psoriasis, Measles, Scabies, Ringworm etc. Itchy skin could also be due to a fungal infection such that there is itching in between the toes.

How to get over itchy skin

get over itchy skin

The following are factors that can help reduce skin itching:

1. Use high-quality moisturizing cream and set the application to at least once a day.
2. Apply anti-itching cream to the affected areas
3. Take a lukewarm bath
4. Choose mild bath soap void of dyes and perfume.
5. Take anticonvulsant medications.

With these measures, you can be assured of an improved change.