8 Exercises to tone your legs and butt now

Squat techniques to help you achieve shaped legs

leg and butt exercises
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Tightening exercises are not that hard, but they require an effort nonetheless but who doesn’t love toned legs and a firm butt? Well, you can achieve them by following these leg and butt exercises. Within a week, you’ll be able to notice some differences! The exercises for your butt and legs helps in giving you toned and flexible legs. Also, they help in making you lose a few pounds around the waist area. Whatever happens, do not give up. Don’t let your willpower waver.

The following exercises should help you in achieving nice shaped legs and torso along with a firm butt:

1. Squats

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Squats, squats, SQUATS!

Repeat this mantra to yourself when you think of leg and butt exercises! Squats are perfect for your lower body. Do this for at least a week for a minute or two and you may notice some changes the next time you look in the mirror.

2. Narrow squats

Narrow Squats

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Narrow squats are just like squats only instead of subjecting yourself in a complete sitting position, you go halfway. A slight bend and then you move back up.

3. Split squats

split squats
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For this, make a proposal type position. Or simply go down on one knee but be completely straight in your posture, do not slouch or waver else it won’t do you any good. Stay like this for a few minutes then get up. After 15 second rest, go down again!

4. Sumo squats

sumo squats
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In this, you go down and make a sumo-like position. Stay in the same position for a few minutes then go back up. Repeat the exercise for a few times.

5. Jump squats

jump squats
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Jump squats are both good for your arms and legs. They keep you entirely in shape and requires a good amount of energy. Hence, try putting on a pumping music in the background to push you towards it!

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Anyways, in this, you maintain a squat like position then jump back up. Again, make a squat and jump. Repeat this for a few times and then rest.

6. Reaching sumo squat

reaching sumo squat
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In this, you manage a sumo-like position and then move up with your hands going above your head. Slowly, get back again to the sumo squat position and then move up with your arms shooting up. Repeat the exercise for a few times and then rest. This leg and butt exercises doesn’t just help your lower body but your upper one as well!

7. The bridge Up

glute bridge
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This manages to tighten your lower body muscles along with your waist. Simply lie down firmly on the ground and slowly lift your lower body up. Stay up for some time then slowly come back to your lying position. Again, lift yourself up and come down. Repeat this tightening exercises a few times again.

8. The bridge up with lift legs

the bridge up with lift legs
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In this, you lie down again but along with lifting your lower body, you have to lift your leg up straight as well. Within a few days, you will notice massive changes in your body.

Good luck with all the exercises, and let us know how did you feel!

Note: Online Tips advise you not start any exercise plan without consulting a professional first.

Leg and butt exercises

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