4 weeks whole body transformation with 5 exercises.

Gym membership? Low-carb diet? Running 1 hour a day? The secret lies in willpower.

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How to lose weight with exercise in 4 weeks? The answer lies in willpower, a good healthy diet, and some exercises. But if you follow the patterns, then you’re surely in for a surprise!

Losing weight can be a hard job. The question is what exercises should you follow or simply how to lose weight with exercise? We all need a quick formula to lose weight because staying away from the real, fatty food is quite a challenge. This 4-week exercise plan is enough to make you notice some real changes in your body.

Exercises to make you lose weight

There are tons of exercises you can do to lose weight but the following ones are known to be effective and result giving provided you are fully committed to them!

1. Planks

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Try making a plank with your body every day for at least 2 minutes. Before you get excited about two minutes, we remind you that plank can be a challenging exercise but once you get a hang of it, you’ll be fine!

So, for this, you should rest on your forearms and keep your legs straight and shoulder-width apart. In a way make a parallel, straight position of your body with the floor. Stay like this for a few seconds and then let go. Remember to keep your belly tight.

2. Push-Ups

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Just like a plank, push-ups are another exercise which will help you lose weight fast. Make a plank-like position of your body and then slowly move up and then down. Do not touch the ground just the limit till which you can survive without touching the floor!

3. Squats

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Another exercise which works in burning fat and is not as difficult in managing as compare to the above two. For this, you have to stretch your arms in front of you and then make a position as if you’re about to sit down on a chair. Keep your knees bent and parallel to the floor while your back remains straight. Stay like this for a few minutes and then come back up. You can try to keep this position for a few seconds or repeat it a few times.

4. Yoga-like position

yoga-like position
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For this, you have to be on your fours. Then slowly stretch your left hand in front of you, completely straight. At the same time, stretch your right leg backward. Repeat the same by changing your body parts.

5. Waist

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This is very important for those looking to strengthen their spinal muscles and core. Lie faced on your crossed hands. Keep your head firmly in your hands. Now slowly lift your head and hands up. Keep your upper in this position for some time and then release.

Final Verdict

Follow the above exercises for four weeks along with a healthy diet and you’ll notice a visible change. Make the number of repetitions you feel comfortable with.

Online Tips advise you not start any exercise plan without consulting a professional first.

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