10 best meatloaf recipes

In case you are in doubt about what kind of meatloaf you should cook, here are 10 awesome recipes.

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Want to eat something exotic this weekend but don’t feel like going through the intense cooking routine. Fret not for the American star – Meatloaf – is here to save the weekend! This classic homemade meal is a perfect definition for comfy food that is savory, moist and tender, a must have on your dinner table. So follow our 10 best Meatloaf recipes to enjoy a flavorful weekend.

Our favorite meatloaf recipes

A slice so moist and tender, the mouthwatering glaze that simply melts in the mouth; exactly how I like my Meatloaf. It’s economical, is readily prepared and the leftovers can be used to make the best sandwiches. So we decided to share our favorite 10 recipes of Meatloaf with you. Make one of them or all of them, you will surely love the spices added and the texture of the glaze. Add a twist to your traditional meatloaf recipe with our top picks;

Great Meatloaf
Cajun-Style Meatloaf
Good Eats Meatloaf
Crock Pot Meatloaf
Tastier Juicier Meatloaf
Mom’s Turkey Meatloaf
1770 House Meatloaf
Picante Meatloaf
Mac & Cheese Meatloaf
Stuffed Queso Meatloaf

Get ready to delve into a ride full of scrumptious flavors and exotic tastes!!

Great Meatloaf

The name says it all. For all those who believe that there can’t be a perfect Meatloaf with the right flavor, correct sauce, the right spices and the fine tenderness; this is a shocker for you. Want to enjoy a perfect glaze with the right combo of brown sugar and vinegar, try Nita Holleman’s Great Meatloaf.

Get the recipe at Genius Kitchen

Cajun-style meatloaf

cajun-style meatloaf
Credit: Spruce Eats

Up for some Louisiana style Meatloaf, Diana Rattray’s Cajun Meatloaf is your best pick. Made from ground beef and pork, seasoned with Cajun, Bell peppers and celery, it is a roll coaster of vibrant flavors that you will surely love to have on your dinner table.

Get your hands on this brilliant recipe at the Spruce Eats.

Good eats meatloaf

Enjoy great texture and flavor with the Good Eats Meatloaf. This glazed covered piece of heaven is easy to make but would take time to come to its complete glory. If you want some scrumptious loaf waiting for 1 hour 10 minutes would not be bad bargain.

In order to bake this yummy treat follow Alton Brown’s recipe at Food Network.

Crock pot meatloaf

Another comfy Meatloaf on the platter for you; this Crock Pot Meatloaf would not require you to move a single limb (apart from putting in ingredients into slow cooker, of course). Just gather up the ingredients and fire up that Crock Pot and enjoy this tasty treat in no time. Get this quick easy recipe by ToiCara at Genius Kitchen.

Tastier juicier meatloaf

juicer meatloaf
Credit: Recipe Tin Eats

As the name says it, get yourself the tastiest, juiciest Meatloaf in town with Nagi’s amazing Meatloaf recipe. A bit different from the traditional recipes Nagi has in her platter the perfect tips to make the Meatloaf tender and moist and taste exquisite at the same time. Find this wonderful recipe at RecipeTin Eats.

Mom’s turkey meatloaf

Ever thought of having oats in your Meatloaf, strange? Well maybe the idea sounds weird but Ellie’s experiment with her Mom’s Meatloaf recipe turned out fab. A little amount of quick-cooking oats added to the recipe and enjoy a delightful exotic Meatloaf at your dinner table.

Get this brilliant recipe which extremely easy to follow at Redbook (Mom’s Turkey Meatloaf).

Picante meatloaf

Enjoy this healthy Meatloaf from Candace’s Grandma’s Recipe collection; old is gold. Loaded with veggies and an exuberant sauce this Meatloaf is a roller coaster ride of flavors for your taste buds.

Follow this quick easy recipe at Genius Kitchen.

1770 house meatloaf

delicious meatloaf recipe
Credit: Food Charlatan

Another mouthwatering treat on our list, Karen’s delicious Meatloaf recipe comes from the restaurant 1770 House in New York. This delightful meal features flavorful garlic sauce and is extremely easy to make.

Make an impression on your friends and family by following this simple recipe at Food Charlatan.

Mac and cheese meatloaf

The Meatloaf alone does not satisfy your cravings? Why not experiment it and combine it with another all-time American favorite Mac and Cheese. Easy, quick and delicious piece of heaven.

Enjoy this cheesy goodness by following the recipe at GenGreat Meatloaf

Stuffed queso meatloaf

Last but definitely not the least on our top 10 favorite Meatloaves is the Stuffed Queso Meatloaf. Each slice would greet you with the sight of spicy center molten filling. Don’t remain left out of tasting this delectable piece of heaven.

Follow the quick recipe at Food Network.

This brings us to the end of our mouthwatering food journey for today. Do try these amazing recipes at home and enjoy a flavorful weekend.