7 morning habits that you should get rid of.

Routines… They are etched into your brains and your body works on its own accord in the morning.

morning habits
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Morning habits are something which nobody can rid of easily. They are etched into your brains and your body works on its own accord in the morning. However, what you might not know is that some of these habits are counted amongst the bad routines.

What are these negative morning habits?

Now, what do you do as soon as you wake up? Let’s see, you’ll probably curse the universe for letting the light flood in so quickly. Then, you’ll get up all the while grumbling. Move to the toilet and start scrolling through your phone. After you’re done with your ritual, you’ll turn on music and start getting ready. Spend a couple of minutes on an outfit and then hurriedly run downstairs, grab a granola bar and out you go!

Healthy? Heck no! This is not good at all. Slowly avoid these and follow these morning habits:

1. Wake up and remove your blanket


As soon as you wake up, throw the blanket away from yourself completely. Let it reach the end of the bed and let them dry. By doing this, you are avoiding creating a good environment for bacteria. If you make your bed at the same time, then the bacteria accumulate and your sheets remain dirty.

2. Poop peacefully


Yes, you’ve heard it right. So, don’t take your cell phone to the washroom again. Instead, hold a toilet roll in your hand and clean yourself up when you’re done. Don’t waste time checking your friends’ lives!

3. Shower


Showering in the morning is the great way to start a day! However, having a warm shower is also counted as one of the negative morning habits. A warm shower has a relaxing effect on your body and makes you lethargic and lazy in the morning. Have a cold shower in the morning, it boosts you up and clears your mind away from distractions of all sorts.

4. Pick an outfit


Don’t spend hours on an outfit. Simply pick one that catches your eye immediately and start changing. If it’s better than arrange your outfits into sections; work or school section and casual or formal section depending upon the size of your wardrobe. This will make it easier to dress up in the morning.

5. Eat a hearty breakfast


Instead of choosing simple portions of cereal or fruits, pick a slice of pizza! Yes, a breakfast should be done scrumptiously. Recently, dietitian Chelsey Amber said that a slice of pizza might be a better option than cereal. In a slice, you can find balanced portions of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins etc. But remember not to overdo it, stick to only one slice!

6. Listen to good music


If your morning habits include listening to good motivating music, then you’re on a right track. Listening to good motivating music helps to boost you up and make you more ready and happy for the day to come.

7. Walk


Taking a simple short walk every morning helps in shedding your fats off as well as makes you strong and healthy. It requires a bit effort and it might be difficult in the beginning but eventually, you’ll get used to it and you’ll notice the changes immediately!

Morning habits