Mudra therapy for diabetes: try these 3 exercises

Learn how to reduce the symptoms of diabetes with simple hand positions

Mudra therapy for diabetes

Diabetes is a common but worrisome condition that requires constant attention and control. As modern lifestyles seem to add a number of contributing factors which increases its recurrence, it also introduces the knowledge of different techniques to help with it. That is the case of Mudra therapy for diabetes.

This Yoga technique is already widely used in Asian medicine as a treatment to reduce the symptoms and control the levels of this ailment, but it is still quite unknown in the West. If you’re looking for an unconventional treatment outside Western medicine, this might be for you.

How does Mudra therapy for diabetes work?

The Mudra therapy for diabetes focus on the hands and how their movement and points of pressure affect the meridian centers throughout the body.

It is believed that certain hand positions can keep both blood sugar and insulin stable and detox the body, thus helping the body maintain its balance. As a result, performing Mudra therapy for diabetes regularly can work to control and even overcome the symptoms of diabetes.

1. Apan Mudra – the “Mudra of digestion”

Mudra therapy for diabetes Apan Mudra
Source: Everything is Om

This is generally considered to be the simplest of all of the mudras to perform. It’s long been used for its ability to flush toxins from the body, as well as balancing and regulating your entire body’s system. It may lead to frequent urination, but that’s perfectly normal.

How to do it

1. You can practice Apan Mudra from a standing or a seated position, whatever is most comfortable.

2. Take the ring finger and middle finger and join their tips to the one of the thumb. Make sure the little finger and the index finger are completely straight.

3. Hold this position as long as possible. The goal is to increase your ability to do it a little more each day.

Note that you should join the tips, not the fingertips. That’s what makes this exercise harder and effective.

2. The Surya Mudra – the “Sun Mudra”

Surya Mudra Mudra therapy for diabetes

The Sun Mudra generates heat, which, according to Ayurvedic medicine, it augments internal fire. In Western medical terms, this speaks to improved metabolism, a key feature for weight control and for processing sugar (as well as other negative elements).

With better metabolic speed and health, you have a better chance of processing insulin and glucose properly and fighting back against diabetes.

While some suggest the Vajrasana yoga position, this can be difficult for beginners.

How to do it

1. Connect the tip of the ring finger and the tip of the thumb.

2. Aim for five minutes and try to hold the position for longer as you become more experienced.

3.  Try doing this three times a day, with a few minutes of rest in between.

You can practice this mudra while sitting in the Vajrasana position for best results.

3. Sarkarai Mudra – the “Sweet Mudra”

Sarkarai Mudra Mudra therapy for diabetes

This Mudra deals with the processing of sugars in the body, and affects the liver and the digestive system. It could have other benefits, such as reducing stomach pain and helping ease appropriate bowel flow.

How to do it

1. Merge the back sides of both hands.

2. Then, let the backs of both thumbs touch each other–again, at the tip. For best results, align both little fingers with the chest region.

This should be done for 20-40 minutes, if possible.

Word of caution

The Mudra therapy for diabetes is supposed to help with the symptoms of this condition but it won’t cure it. Therefore, you should still visit a doctor to have your diabetes checked, pay attention to your meals and sugar intake and control your insulin levels often.

Think of it as an aid and not as a treatment per se.

To learn more about Mudra therapy for diabetes and the principles behind its hand positions, check the video below.