6 Natural ingredients for your hair to recover its beauty

Find out which nutritious foods can help your hair shine again


Your hair is key not just for your look, but because it also sends a message to the world. It’s a critical part of personal upkeep and grooming. You spend your time styling it, thinking about how to have it cut, how it goes with an outfit, and most importantly: how can you make it look more vibrant and healthy? These eight natural ingredients for your hair might be what you have been looking for.

6 natural ingredients for your hair to shine once again

There are several key natural ways to make your hair thrive. Food is infused with compounds that support the general wellbeing of the body and the hair is part of the body. Therefore, there are several natural ingredients for your hair to feed on to finally get the volume and healthy look you’ve been looking for. Check out 6 of these ingredients.


rosemary natural ingredients for your hair

You might know this herb as a key element of Italian cuisine, but it’s also an incredible tonic for preventing shedding and hair loss. Studies have shown that you can get similar effects to those of treatment shampoos without the side effects of these.

This plant is also easy to grow even in an apartment window box. However, the most practical way to use it is by getting rosemary extract. That way, you squeeze a few drops into your favorite shampoos or products.

Its best if you choose all-natural shampoos in this case as regular ones can have chemicals whose harmful effects might outweigh those of the oil.

Green tea

When it comes to natural ingredients for your hair, they don’t always need to go directly on your locks. Green tea is a good example of that.

Much has been written about the antioxidants within green tea, which can fight the effects of ultraviolet light on your hair (and skin). Some studies even confirmed this tea’s ability to slow down aging. Plus, green tea contains catechins, which can fight DHT.

You can drink a couple of cups a day to help your hair recover its shine once again, but be aware that this tea contains caffeine. As an extra help to get your hair beautiful, you can also brew about 3-4 cups, let them cool, and pour it onto (damp) hair. Let it sit for a while, then wash it out with your favorite shampoo.


If you’re looking up natural remedies, lemons will come up time and time again. When life hands you lemons, use them to improve your health!

They’re not just good for hair. They bring back skin elasticity, and they’re great for nails as well as hair. They’re just packed with nutrients.

You can use the juice, or even the skin in a variety of ways. For instance, you can use two natural ingredients for your hair in one single remedy and prepare a green tea with lemon skin.

They also help with that invaluable pH balance in your scalp, and they support your hair growth.

Charcoal & clay

charcoal natural ingredients for your hair

It looks like a weird idea, but it works because the residue they leave can increase friction between strands of hair. The practical side of this is that you get an increased body and texture.

There are even some new shampoos out there which specifically contain one or both ingredients.

Do be a bit careful with spray versions of both ingredients as there could be some negative inhalants. You can also try something like a pomade. Companies who make these products are careful to make sure that they use good, clean sources.


Bananas are a very nutritious fruit. You can, of course, eat them and enjoy their vitamins and minerals, including potassium, iron, and the important B vitamins. Or you can prepare your own banana hair mask.

All you need to do is blend the bananas perfectly and apply to your hair for half an hour. Be sure to rub it in well for full vasodilation.

Some people suggest using a shower cap to prevent the banana from drying, since drying could make it harder to remove.


It’s incredible how well honey can hydrate your hair. There’s a big word you want to look for in ingredient lists if you want to use a honey-based product – “hydroxypropyltrimonium honey” hydrates without the stickiness.

But you can also get that result by diluting regular, pure honey in warm water. It’s a great remedy for dandruff and other scalp conditions. It can really help with scalp health!

Let your hair shine

Your hair is a valuable asset. Take good care of it, just as you take care of the rest of your health! Try out some of these remedies to feel better about your head!

And if you’re curious about the process of applying some of these natural ingredients for your hair, check out the following video. The girls took a funny approach to it, but they actually show some of the mishaps you might encounter with these natural masks.