The best natural mosquito repellents too keep bites away

Keep those pesty insects away from you with these simple tricks

natural mosquito repellents

Summer is a time to celebrate. It’s time to pull out the barbecue, soaking up the sun and relaxing by the poos. At least until the bugs make an ugly appearance on the scene. Then it’s time to pull out some natural mosquito repellents to keep the uninvited guests away.

Best natural mosquito repellents and how to use them

It’s unfortunate, but summertime brings a variety of unwanted pests along. Mosquito bites are itchy and often swell, but the real problem is the possibility of disease. Mosquitoes are known for carrying West Nile and a variety of other blood born viruses.

Since no one wants a trip to the emergency room ruining their day, it’s best to plan ahead. There are many mosquito repellents you can buy in stores, but we’re going to focus on the natural repellents you can make at home!

Spray-on repellent with essential oils

essential oils natural mosquito repellents

This is a simple solution that makes use of essential oils. All you have to do is fill a spray bottle with water (and witch hazel, if you have it handy). Then mix in 4-6 drops of one or several essential oils into the bottle.

You can use one or combine a variety of different oils. The most common essential oils are lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Alternatively, you can also use mint, rosemary, lemongrass, citronella, clove, and geranium.

Any of these oils will help act as a mosquito repellent. Once you’ve put the oil into the spray bottle, lightly shake the bottle to mix them together. You can now spray the mixture on yourself, your clothing, and even random objects. It’s a natural mosquito repellent that really works!

Topical solution with apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is a natural repellent for mosquitoes and many other insects. They don’t like the strong smell and tend to steer clear.

This has lead people to applying the vinegar to their skin, like a perfume. It works to keep the mosquitoes from biting you, but you’re likely to still have them flying around. Still, it’s a great solution because it can be used on pets as well.

Air freshener with vinegar

Air freshener natural mosquito repellents

If you don’t want to rub apple cider vinegar on your skin, try using it in the atmosphere instead.

If you’re camping, sprinkle it around the tent. If you’re in the back yard, sprinkle it around the grass. Use it the same way you’d use an air freshener. It may have a strong smell, but it will keep the mosquitoes away and reduce your risk of exposure.

All you have to do for this is fill a spray bottle with vinegar. If you don’t like the strength, add a bit of water to reduce the smell. You can also use white vinegar.


While many people believe that citronella candles repel mosquitoes, it’s actually the smoke rising from the candles that seems to keep them away.

You can use an unscented candle if you’d rather. Avoid nice and sweet fragrances because they will attract the mosquitoes to you. A great way to keep mosquitoes away is burning rosemary or sage. The smoke repels them, as does the smell!

Garlic Cloves

garlic natural mosquito repellents

Garlic is supposed to ward off vampires, so it’s only fitting that it also scares away mosquitoes. This plant makes up for three natural mosquito repellents in one. You can put it to use by:

  • Eat garlic before heading outside (or take a garlic tablet)
  • Rub garlic juice on your skin, primarily any exposed skin
  • Plant garlic in your garden

Extra tips!

Get your garden to help

If you’re into gardening, there are a few other plants you should have around the yard. Not only will they look beautiful, but these plants act as natural mosquito repellents:

  • Garlic (obviously)
  • Lemongrass
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint

Make the mosquitoes’ job harder

The best mosquito repellent is avoidance. Here are a few things you can do to limit your exposure:

  • Wearing long sleeves
  • Wearing pants
  • Wearing light-colored clothing
  • Wearing closed shoes
  • Mosquito netting around tents
  • Mosquito netting around windows
  • Avoiding the high-risk time of day

Hint: If you end up with a mosquito bite, you can treat it quickly with lavender essential oil and witch hazel! Find out other treatments in the following video.