Poop colors – What they say about your health

Get to know the shapes and colors

Poop types
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It’s time you stop blushing at the mention of the word poop and pay close attention to it. Poop colors can indicate a lot of things about your health and in this article, we will help you to identify every single one.

There are different types of poops. Some are watery, others solid. Some come out in the form of a huge sausage while others come out in the form of lumps. Either way, pay attention to the type that comes out of your gut!

Identifying types of poop

Identifying types of poop
Images: Vecteezy

Talking about turd shouldn’t be a taboo. The appearance of it, it’s a way of your body showing your health condition.

Lumpy poop

If you encounter lumpy poop, then it means you might have slight diarrhea. Be careful with your foods and consume a lot of drinks.

Cylindric and solid

If your poop resembles sausage shape with slight rock type formation and hurts when coming out then you’re probably suffering from constipation. Usually, this type of stool may be caused by a poor fiber diet. You can avoid this by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Liquid poop (mild and severe diarrhea)

Diarrhea can assume two types: mild or severe. In case you have this first stage you are probably eating too much fiber. You can find fibers mainly on vegetables and fruits. Usually, high consumption of fibers can mean dehydration.

To avoid this type of poop, try to reduce your fiber intake and increase your water intake. If you have severe diarrhea, it may be a sign of bacterial and viral infection, medications, allergies or food intolerance.

First of all, you should drink plenty of water. You can also try to take an over-the-counter medication. If the symptoms are lasting longer than two days, find a doctor to help you.

Cylindric and smooth

If your poop resembles a smooth sausage then you have the perfect poop. Just keep on consuming water and walk!

Poop colors and its health connection

The color of your poop is the most important thing to notice. It lets you know if you’re healthy or not. Following are the poop colors and the reason for them being such way:

Yellow poop

yellow poop

If your poop is of yellow color then it means your diet contains lack of fats. So consume some fats along with your daily meals and you’ll be set.

Black poop

black poop

Black poop means trouble. There must be something wrong with your liver if you get frequent black poop. You can check for a few days, sometimes the bile is absorbed too much which gives it off such color hence after a few days, if your poop remains black then you should visit a doctor.

Red poop

red poop

Such poop colors (red and black) are always alarming signs. Red poop means you might have blood in your stool. Blood can suggest internal fissures, hemorrhages, or in some cases, cancer. But, don’t panic, colored drinks, red fruits or vegetable are sometimes the reason why you are having red poop.

However, do not neglect this and find a doctor as soon as possible to check if everything is OK. This is valid for every stage.

Green poop

green poop

Green poop means you have consumed too many greens in your diet. It’s nothing to be alarmed or afraid of. You simply need to eat fewer greens and consume other things as well. Usually high intakes of spinach cause green stool.

Brown poop

brown poop

If you have a brown stool then you should be relaxed. Brown is totally normal and means everything is fine! However, take care of your diet and drink lots of water as well as walk to avoid letting the brown change its color into something else!

Who knew that simple stool can also mean so much?! Whatever you do, just take your regular meals and consume lots of water to ensure a happy healthy life!

If you notice any of these problems it is advisable to go to the doctor.

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