10 short haircuts for older women that will reverse the years

Dare to try out a makeover and remain elegant and fresh with these haircuts

short haircuts for older women
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As the years go by it becomes progressively more difficult to have the silky hair all women want. The natural oils decrease, the hair tends to become thinner and split ends become more than expected. That is why many women reach for the scissors at some point and chop it off. The mane becomes easier to maintain and the makeover feels refreshing. If you’re also looking to take the leap, check out these 10 short haircuts for older women that will work to reverse the years.

10 Short haircuts for older women

These short haircuts for older women are some of the most flattering looks for grey or dyed hair, regardless of age. In fact, many youngsters are now sporting these haircuts mixed with unusual hair colors, which just go to prove they are not just for older women. They are for women who want to feel modern and elegant at the same time.

Wispy bob

Wispy Bob short haircuts for older women


The wispy bob softens the face while giving the overall look a much lighter feeling. This haircut works particularly well with round faces to define the features and make them look sharper.

The only thing you need to be careful with is the volume. The hair should fall elegantly with the sharp ends giving it a rebellious touch. Too much volume or more than just the tips standing out will actually age your look.

Curly crop

Curly Crop short haircuts for older women


Women with curly hair are very lucky when it comes to short haircuts.

Their hair is already textured and has a feeling of movement and lightness to it. As long as you keep your curls nourished, a curly crop is one of the lowest maintenance cuts you can have and, yet, it never loses its charm.

Textured bob

Textured Bob short haircuts for older women


The textured bob works for both curly and straight hair. The layers are the ones responsible to give the hair a renewed texture and light feeling.

This is also one of the most versatile short haircuts for older women with straight hair. You can use a curler to create soft and elegant waves with the shorter layers; wear it completely straight for a more serious look or even style the ends to create a fake wispy bob.

Curly pixie

Curly pixie short haircuts for older women


As with the curly crop, this is also one of the easiest haircuts to maintain. As long as you care for your scalp and curls so the hair is soft and healthy, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

This is also a look associated with strong women that have high self-esteem as it puts into evidence the face and any wrinkles or fine lines.

Rounded bob

Rounded Bob short haircuts for older women


The rounded bob is a very elegant and sophisticated look for women of any age. It is also of the few haircuts that are enhanced by the brightness and lightness of white and grey hair.

However, this style is not the most flattering for women with round faces. It will accentuate that roundness and can give you a look of cute granny rather than a sophisticated silver fox.

Classic pixie

short haircuts for older women


The classic pixie cut feels like a breeze of fresh hair. It’s light, it’s fresh, it’s elegant and, somehow, it just makes women seem more lively.

Besides, it can be adapted to the mood of the days. Worn down for a softer and loving look or in a messy style for a stronger and more rebellious one.

Short and sculpted

Short and sculpted short haircuts for older women


It’s not as short as a pixie or as long as a bob. This sculpted look is somewhere in between and manages to capture the freeing feeling of the first and the elegant effect of the second.

The length isn’t as restricting as a pixie either, and you can work on your strands to create different styles, such as curly or wavy hair or a sleek pullback for an elegant party, for instance.

The powerful look

power look short haircuts for older women


The lengths and the styling might be slightly different in these two pictures, but, regardless, this seems to be the look of powerful women.

Even if one is a movie character and the other the managing director and chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund, they share the strong look of the women who accept their white hairs and wear them as a symbol of their status.

The length is also ideal to play with different styles and soften or harden the look when necessary.


Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs short haircuts for older women

Side-swept bangs help frame the face and create a feeling of fuller, thicker and more voluminous hair, without any effort.

They also finish the look very neatly and work very well with almost every face shape, flattering each person’s features in a different way.



short haircuts for older women bangs

The traditional bangs have a similar effect to the side-swept type in the sense that they also give a sense of fullness and thickness to the hair. However, this style of bangs has also a playful and younger vibe to it.

They also pull the attention to the upper part of the face, thus taking away the focus from the way gravity is working on your skin.


For this look to work, though, forget about any hair rolls or curling brushes. Nowadays the bangs should be worn with a natural look and puffing them up high will only denounce your age.

Or just change once in a while

Cutting your hair short doesn’t necessarily means you are also cutting short your styling possibilities. These may be some of the most flattering short haircuts for older women, but when deciding to chop off the hair or not, you should mostly think about your hair’s health and how you will feel waking up every day to that look.

It might take longer for the hair to grow with age, but it will grow. Think of it as an adventure, if you will. And besides, if you don’t like the final look, there are always ways to change it.


Written by Catarina Alves

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