11 Snappy comebacks to rude people

Wittiness always trumps nonsense

snappy comebacks to rude people

Dealing with rude people isn’t ever easy but what usually puts everyone on edge is the lack of a suitable reply. How many times have you been left baffled by someone’s insulting behavior just to get angry at yourself because you only thought of a proper reply afterwards? You can train yourself to prevent these situations by having snappy comebacks to rude people save up your sleeve.

11 Snappy comebacks to rude people

In the heat of the moment, especially when you’re trying to keep things civilized, it’s hard to think of snappy comebacks to rude people. However, if you already know some generic ones beforehand, it will make it easier to blurt them out in the right moment.


snappy comebacks to rude people ok

Rude people are usually after a reaction. They want you to lose your cool and snap back at them so they can justify their rudeness or even play the victim card.

The best answer? “Ok.” A simple, non-committed, emotionless comeback that will leave them unsure what to answer and a bitter taste in their mouths.

“Sometimes it’s better to stay quiet and look stupid than to open your mouth and confirm it.”

Aggressive much? You shouldn’t engage in the little game rude people play to make themselves feel superior and powerful, but sometimes you can’t just let it pass.

There is a thin line separating rudeness from harassment or bullying and if they approach it, you need to thump your foot and let them know you are no fool nor will you tolerate such behavior.

“I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, but I’m guessing it’s hard to pronounce.”

…given that you have been going on and on and on about the same thing and apparently aren’t any closer to reach your conclusion.

You can even suggest them the “King’s Speech” as must-watch movie whenever they are a bit of free time.

“What gave you the impression that you needed to tell me that and what exactly did you think I was going to answer?”

Curiosity killed the cat, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder what on earth was on their mind and how did the situation played in their heads.

“That almost hurt my feelings.”

snappy comebacks to rude people hurt feelings


But you’re too strong to let sad people hit you with their negativity.

Well, maybe keep this last part for yourself if you don’t want to engage, but at least replace it with your brightest smile as you say your goodbyes.

“Thank you, I appreciate your opinion.”

Rude people always try to take the upper hand and impose their views over yours. There is no point in arguing with them because their beliefs are not open to discussion. They are the sole owners of the truth, therefore nothing you can say will ever matter.

Just thank them for sharing their opinions with you and move on. They won’t be able to have a come back saying that you weren’t paying attention because you were. You just didn’t say “yes sir” to everything they said.

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“You’re right.”

One of the best snappy comebacks to rude people is to simply give them what they want. They want to make their opinions stand over yours and they either expect a shy demeanor from you or an argument.

Give them neither. Instead, just delight them with the answer they always wanted but didn’t expect, and move on. They will be left speechless for the moment and you can go on with your life and ignore whatever they said.

“I was about to give you a nasty look, but you seem to already have one”

snappy comebacks to rude people nasty look

Bad energies leave people with low-self esteem and feeling physically ugly. This one might hit closer to home than you would believe.

“I’d like to help you out, which way did you come in?”

A witty way to say: please remove yourself from my presence… and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

“I guess it’s true. People like you don’t grow on trees, they swing from them.”

This one provides for a good punch, but you should abstain from using it. For once, you’ll be engaging directly in an argument with the rude person instead of finishing any interaction as soon as possible.

And second, do you really need to insult primates?

Smile and laugh

snappy comebacks to rude people smile laugh

Sometimes, the best snappy comebacks to rude people it’s silence… with a dash of a smile and the brightness of a laugh. 

But remember to put some emotion on your smile and laughs too! The emotions of someone who is baffled at the amount of nonsense that can come out of someone’s mouth.

Other strategies

Dealing with rude people is not easy, even if you have a snappy comeback up your sleeve.

Ideally, the best solution would be to simply avoid or ignore the person and detox your life from their negativity. When this is not possible, you might have to engage at some point, especially if you feel the other is overstepping and crossing into harassing or bullying.

Check out in the video below some strategies to deal with work and family harassment and what you can do if the snappy comebacks don’t work in the long run.

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Written by Catarina Alves

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