How to get soft feet: 4 tips and 3 remedies

They’re simple, they’re easy and they will leave your feet feeling and looking great

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Feet are often forgotten when it comes to beauty routines, for no apparent reason. It is essential to keep them healthy for they carry the body around. Besides, people notice them when you wear sandals or go barefoot. So, since you should always keep them top notch and perfect, get to know these 4 tips to get beautiful soft feet that will do just that.

4 tips to walk over the clouds with soft feet

Feet are the ugly cousins from hands. They work hard but they’re also demanding when it comes to being taken care of. Get the beautiful soft feet you’ve always dreamed of with these 4 tips.

Soak – Exfoliate – Moisturize

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This is the holy trinity of any feet treatment.

Start by soaking the feet for 5 to 10 minutes in warm water. Take the opportunity to start already actively treating them by adding a few drops of a moisturizing oil to the water or some Epsom salts.

Once the skin feels soft and sensitive, pat dry it and start exfoliating with a pumice stone to remove any dead cells or dry skin.

Finish it by washing the feet very well to clean any trapped dead cells or impurities. Then, dry them very well and apply a moisturized.

This could be a regular foot cream or a home remedy. After the soaking and the exfoliation, the feet pores will be clean and unblocked so they will be able to absorb the nutrients much better.

Overnight SOS moisturizing

Sometimes feet can get so dry that cracks will start showing on the skin. Some are painful while others aren’t, but they’re all quite unpleasant to feel and look at.

In these cases, your feet are in need of an emergency treatment that restore their plumpness and beauty before the cracks become a bigger problem:

1. Start by soaking and exfoliating your feet.

2. Dry them very well, including around the nails and between the toes.

3. Apply a generous layer of a fat, good and complete moisturizing cream. Petroleum Jelly is a good option to help moisturize the skin but it’s poor in nutrients.

4. Put on a pair of clean, cotton socks and just go to sleep like you normally do.

When you wake up the following day you will be looking into beautiful soft feet.

Choose the right footwear

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Footwear plays a big role when it comes to keep feet healthy and beautiful. There isn’t one single perfect type of shoes. You need to consider the weather, their comfort and their model every time and every day.

Closed shoes:  on hot days are a no-no. They will make your feet sweat more than usual. As a result, bad traction, damages to the skin and the altenation between wet and dry will create the perfect conditions for fungi and germs to develop.

Open shoes: they tend to dry out the skin more and faster, particularly if the opening is in the heel area. The skin is directly exposed to friction and air in these cases, taking a toll on feet’s hydration.

Likewise, the shoe should provide good cushion. The foot is designed to touch the ground and hold the body weight in a certain way. If the shoe changes the pressure point or doesn’t provide proper cushing you can incur into calluses.

Make use of home remedies

Finding yourself without a good moisturizer is not an excuse to skip your beauty treatment. You can also use home remedies and take advantage of how nutritious some natural foods are. Here some you can try:

Oatmeal: get one tablespoon of oatmeal and add some drops of jojoba oil to it. Mix it well and apply on the feet. Let it work for 20 minutes before rinsing it.

Coconut oil: apply directly on the feet, taking the opportunity to massage them carefully to promote the oil’s absorption. Put on a pair of cotton socks and let it work its magic through the night.

Lemon and egg: mix 1tbsp of lemon juice, a few drops of castor oil and a yolk of an egg (not the white!). Stir well to combine all the ingredients and store it in a fridge. Soak your feet for 10 minutes to open their pores. After, dry them carefully and apply the lemon and egg mixture. Wait 15 minutes and then rinse of the remedy.

Care for your feet

Feet are under constant aggression and friction so it’s very easy for them to become dry and rough. Prevention by using the right shoes and having a basic care routine is very important but most of all you should be attentive. At the first sign of dry skin or cracked heels, put your moisturizers, natural or not, to good use and fix the skin before it even becomes an issue.

If you want to learn other strategies and remedies to get soft feet once again, check the following video.