10 soulmate signs that confirm you have found the one

Your one and only will most likely tick all the boxes

soulmate signs

Do you think you have found the one? Or perhaps you are still looking for that special someone and are afraid you might miss them. Don’t worry. You haven’t failed to recognize them, nor will you because the soulmate signs are too clear to be missed.

10 soulmate signs that tell your love is real

Check out below the 10 most common soulmate signs and find out if your relationship is the real deal or not.

There is a click from the beginning.

click from the beginning soulmate signs

Some people call it love at first sight but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you fell in love with the other person when you saw him or her for the very first time.

One of the surest soulmate signs it’s the familiarity feeling. Even if you just met the other, you already feel comfortable around them, intimate as if you had been close friends for long, and you might even feel energized.

You make it work

When you meet someone you like, you can’t help but wonder if a relationship would work or not, if it is a good time for you to be with someone, if it would affect your careers or life plans, etc.

When you meet your soulmate, however, there are no questions or doubts. You are both ready to go and you will find a way to make it work no matter what.

You feel safe

Uncertainty is part of life. It’s what keeps you on your toes and makes the world move forward. But when you are with that special someone, there’s no need to have your guard up.

You don’t worry that he or she might disappear tomorrow or trick you. Surprises are for the harsh world outside. When you are with your soulmate all you feel is security, safety and consistency. You know you always have a shoulder to cry and a hand to hold and whatever may come your way, you will face it together.

Being together is enough

Being together is enough soulmate signs


There is no need for expensive dinners or exciting activities. Just being together is enough for you to have fun and enjoy your time.

Social status or earthly possessions are irrelevant because as long as you are side-by-side you can make sweet memories out of nothing.

You respect each other

Since you feel safe next to your soulmate, there is no need for jealousy or to be possessive. You understand they have their own background, different ideas, a past and other love stories.

Despite the many differences you still respect each other mutually. You know their life experiences are what made them into what they are today and you still love them with all their flaws.

You have a shared vision

Regardless of your differences and personalities, you still have a common vision. Your worlds overlap when it comes to the big guidelines that direct your lives and even if theirs are not exactly the same, they are similar enough that you still recognize them.

You understand each other

understand each other soulmate signs

You know each individual deals and expresses emotions in different ways and you understand the way of your soulmate. You don’t make demands or expect them to behave like you, instead, you learn to recognize their little ways to express their love.

Because you are so sensitive to their emotions and you know them deeply, sometimes you don’t even need words. Meeting their eyes or feeling their energy is enough to tell you what’s on their mind.

You feel you can be yourself

One of the early signs that you found your soulmate is the sense of familiarity you have right away when meeting them. This feeling also extends into the relationship.

You feel that you can be yourself completely, that there is no need to pretend to be someone else or to like or hate something when you don’t. You don’t censor your ideas for fear of what your partner will think because you feel sure that you don’t need to.

You fight, but stay together

You fight stay together soulmate signs

Even if all the soulmate signs are there, perfect relationships don’t exist and fights will happen. No matter how much you love each other, difficulties with family members or financial troubles can strain your relationship and make your differences more noticeable. Then fights are bound to happen.

However, if you really are soulmates, it doesn’t matter how hard you fight and argue: breaking up is never on the table. You can’t even imagine ending everything with that person. Even when you’re on the hate stage at the peak of your fight, you know you eventually will make it through and get out of the situation stronger than before.

You are best friends

You’re always there for each other, you don’t judge, you celebrate and cry together, you can be apart and yet feel secure and safe. You know the other is always with you even when far away and you don’t question the strength of your relationship.

You are basically best friends, but with a plus: you share a soul and a deep romantic love.

Soulmate believers vs Growth believers

Knowing the soulmate signs can help you recognize your life partner but don’t overthink it. Remember that you are perfect for each other because you accept each other flaws and have mutual respect.

No one is flawless and if you focus too much on the points you want your soulmate to have, you won’t be able to compromise or have the will to even try and the relationship will fail.

For more on the subject, check the video below where Vanessa Van Edwards distinguishes between soulmate and growth believers and explains why the first are more likely to have a succession of intense but failed relationships.


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    Written by Catarina Alves

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