Stomach cancer symptoms and signs

Learn how to identify a stomach cancer and spread the word.

Stomach cancer is a treatable disease which is usually treated with typical cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. After a proper diagnosis which is performed by professional doctors through physical check-up, biopsy, and CT scans, the patient is admitted to the treatment.

Usually, the treatment is dependent on other factors including health and age of the patient. But the treatments are successful in not only eradicating cancerous cells but also preventing them from spreading in the body to other organs.

is stomach cancer curable

Another factor that counts in the treatment of stomach or gastric cancer is the amount of cancerous cells and their involvement in the body. If they have spread in the lymph nodes, the treatment might be harsher.

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If stomach cancer is detected at an early stage, the survival chances of the person are up to 65%. On the other hand, late detection might also decrease the length of life for the patients. Therefore, being vigilant about signs and symptoms of stomach cancer is helpful and beneficial in reducing the harm and damage caused as a result.

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