Stretching exercises to help reduce back pain in one-minute

This tips can help you reduce your back pain

stretching exercises
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If your job consists of sitting in front of a computer the entire day long, then you must be aware of the stinging pain which shoots up your back when you get up or lie down. You can reduce it by doing some stretching exercises to ease your back pain.

Back pain can be very painful. It can provide a huge hindrance to your daily life activities and if left ignored, it can turn into a full-fledged spinal cord problem. Both men and women suffer from it but it has been recorded to be the most in women. Either way, back pain is not something you can ever get used to. To help you relieve, try some simple exercises, all they require is a minute and the changes can be incredible!

Stretches for back pain

There are many exercises available for back pain. Some require special mats and equipment. Also, there are proper routines and timings you have to follow it while the ones we provide require any flat service, be that the floor or your table! Yes, you heard it right, no expensive tools or equipment, just you and your energy! Following are the exercises you should go through to avoid back pain:

1. Stretches and spine strengthening

stretches and spine strengthening
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As the name indicates, this requires stretches for back pain as well as for spine strengthening. For this, you have to lie straight down with your arms wide. Now slowly move your knees to one side and your head to the other. Repeat the exact some motion for 1 minute and then let go. Do it every day and you may notice changes.

2. Stretches for pain

Stretches for pain

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In this, you again lie down straight and firm. Keep one of your legs say right completely straight and then bring your left one up by tilting your knee. Repeat this by exchanging the legs. Keep this up for one minute and try doing 5 to 10 in the 60 seconds. This will help you with your back and spine!

3. Spine exercise

Spine Exercise
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In this, keep your hands locked under your head and lift your knees up one at a time. Move your head in the opposite direction accordingly. For example, tilt your knee towards the right and move your head to the left and vice versa.

4. Thoracic spine strengthening exercises

Thoracic Spine Strengthening Exercises
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In this, bring your body on your fours. Slowly arch your back and keep your head down. Breathe in and out while doing so. You’ll immediately feel some of the tension rising.

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5. Thoracic spine exercises alternative method

Thoracic Spine Exercises Yoga
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With the same arched position intact. Slowly lift your hand and keep it straight, at the same time, do the same with an opposite leg. For example, lift your left hand and at the same time lift your right leg. Stretch them straight.

6. Lumber spine strengthening

Lumber Spine Strengthening
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There are two ways you can achieve this:

First, keep your hands locked under your head and slowly lift your head up towards the ribcage. Repeat the process a few times. Second method requires you to lie down and slowly move each of your knees in a circular motion. In other words, cycle slowly for a few minutes.

Bonus Tip: You can find more stretches in the video below

Note: Online Tips advise you not start any exercise plan without consulting a professional first.

Stretching exercises

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