Vaseline for hair growth: does it work? What are its benefits

Vaseline is central do many beauty hacks, but does it make your hair grow?


There is no scientific proof that it does and no sensible arguments are put forward as to why it would.

It is the same situation as with Vaseline for eyelashes growth. This is an emollient jelly, which means it creates an occlusive layer over the skin that induces its hydration from within and protects it against external aggressions. It does not contain any moisturizing or nourishing properties within itself.

This protective layer allows the hair to grow healthier which can give the impression that it does it faster. In reality, though, it grows at the same rate as always, but because it’s stronger it gives a fuller impression.


Vaseline for hair growth can, in fact, be harmful. It can create a moist environment where bacteria and germs thrive. You can even trap them there yourself if you apply this protective layer without washing your scalp and hands properly. Furthermore, it can block the follicles and prevent the hair from piercing through.

Other benefits of Vaseline for hair

vaseline for hair split ends

If you’re using Vaseline for hair treatments, you must remember not to apply it on your scalp or it can become a source of problems rather than a beauty hack. Nevertheless, petroleum jelly can be safely applied to the strands to make them even more beautiful looking.

Prevents split ends

Hair ends are the oldest bits of the hair strands. This means they have been suffering external aggression for the longest and are very likely to split as they become dry and lifeless.


Once the hair has split, there is nothing that can restore it to its original shape, but Vaseline can aid to mask their dryness and prevent it from expanding.

Where it works best, though, is in prevention. Even if petroleum jelly doesn’t work as a moisturizer, the protective layer it creates helps to reduce further damage.

This is also likely one of the reasons why so many people believe that Vaseline supports hair growth. If the ends are healthy there is no need to cut them and reduce the hair length.


Sorts frizzy hair

vaseline for hair frizz

Applying a very small amount of Vaseline over the hair strands can reduce the frizz effect and help to gain control of it again.

The key, though, is really to use just a tiny amount or you’ll go from frizzy to greasy in no time.

Chewing gum removal

Accidents happen and for one reason or another you might end up with chewing gum stuck in your hair. Vaseline can be the great savior in these cases.


Just put the scissors away, stop the tears, fill yourself with loads of patience and slowly lubricate the gum and the hair around it with petroleum jelly until every bit of it is out.

Avoid messy dyes

This is not a direct benefit of Vaseline for hair, but it can aid you in getting perfect results.

To avoid any messy stains on your forehead, neck and ears when dying your hair, all you need to do is apply a thin layer of Vaseline around the hairline. The protective layer will prevent the skin from absorbing the color.


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Written by Catarina Alves

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