What causes skin tags and what are the best remedies

Know what are these tags and what you should do about it!
what causes skin tags

As the name suggests, skin tags are small pieces of thick skin tied to the skin of your body. So, what causes skin tags? They are caused by groups of collagen and blood vessels that are trapped within a thicker portion of skin. They often appear on the skin and seem to be hanging on it.

The good thing about skin tags is that they are usually harmless skin extensions. They appear on the face, near the lids, under the armpits, in the chest area, and even in the groin area. Generally, they are of the same color as the skin around them. Sometimes they are dark pigmented.

Skin tag causes
remedies for skin tags
Pregnancy Related

Skin tags are very common and according to research, one of every three people has a skin tag on his body. The benign nature of the skin tag hasn’t forced medical researchers to a deeper study of these masses of skin growth. However, there are some specific causes that lead to the growth of these skin tags.


Heredity is described to be one of the causes of skin tags. Although they appear mainly around the middle-aged, they can be caused by genetic factors, and babies whose parents have skin tags are more likely to have the tags.


High levels of hormones during pregnancy can also cause the growth of skin tags. They can appear under the arms, under the chest, and on the neck. One thing that has been noticed is that skin tags that appear during pregnancy usually disappear after the baby’s birth. However, if skin tags become irritating, they can be removed medically during pregnancy without any complications.

obesity skin tags

The association of obesity with skin tags has also been investigated. Excessive or obese people are more likely to develop skin tags than those who have ideal weight. However, there is no comprehensive study in this regard, but observations show that obese people have more skin tags than people who have normal weight.

Other causes

In addition to the causes of skin tags mentioned above, there are other factors that increase the growth of skin tags. Primarily, the cause of skin tags is the friction between the skin and clothing. Usually, skin tags are visible on body folds, such as under the arms, under the breast, etc. This means that skin tags are usually produced in areas where the skin rubs against the skin. In addition, as mentioned, the level of hormones and genetic factors are responsible for the growth of skin tags.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

There are many ways you can remove skin tags. Some of them are expensive and painful; others are simple and natural. It then depends entirely on the individual to choose the way he feels is most comfortable.


This is a method that can be used at a doctor’s clinic or home. The technique involves attaching a thread to the bottom of the skin tag. It would cut the supply of blood to the skin tag and it would die and fall off.

surgery skin tags

The technique that only a physician can carry out is freezing the tags. Freezing is carried out with a cold substance, mainly liquid nitrogen. This causes drying of the tags. This procedure is suitable for those who cannot tolerate pain.

Surgical Remedy

Surgical removal is a popular method for removing larger skin tags. Anesthesia will be needed to numb the area as well as stitches to close the open wound. There is a possibility of intimidation with this tag elimination method and can be a little more expensive.

Although benign in nature, skin tags can result in discomfort and are also not liked cosmetically.

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