Wine before bed: the secret weapon to lose weight?

One single glass before bed can help you get the figure you want

wine before bed

Exercising and eating healthy are the primary things you need to do to shed the extra pounds. Then you have teas, smoothies and special foods that can help you achieve your goal. But did you know that drinking wine before bed can also lead to weight loss?

What science says about drinking wine before bed

According to a study by the Washington State University, resveratrol and other polyphenols present in the wine help to change the white fat into beige fat, a type that burns faster through heat.

Basically, the body has two types of fats, the white that is stored as energy and the brown that is used for heat and to keep the body balance. Drinking wine before bed can then stimulate this conversion into a middle ground that can be burned faster.

Likewise, in the same study, an experiment with mice supplemented with resveratrol revealed they were 40% less likely to develop obesity than the placebo group.

Already in 2012, a different research had pointed out that resveratrol would naturally reduce the food intake of bees even if they weren’t under a caloric restriction.

Benefits of drinking red wine before bed

wine before bed benefits

You may be wondering by now, why before bed? The reason is simple. If you’re going to bed, you won’t be eating more meals, which gives the wine more time to do its magic. Also, your body and cells regenerate while you sleep, thus the conversion of fats will also be more effective.

Besides, the alcohol won’t then affect your behavior. At most, it will make you sleep like a baby.

Weight loss

As resveratrol changes white fat into beige fat, your efforts to shed the extra weight will become more effective.

Since this fat burns off faster, your trips to the gym will start paying off even more and well as your food restrictions.

Heart health

According to a research from 2006 and several other studies on particular components of wine, drinking this beverage in moderation can improve heart health. Moreover, it can prevent and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular problems and diseases.


Antioxidants slow down aging by fighting the free-radicals, compounds that destroy healthy cells and increase their turnover.

However, this effect also works to prevent and reduce inflammations, delaying cancer spreading and to reduce the overall risk of cardiovascular problems.

Type 2 diabetes

There is still an ongoing debate regarding this benefit.

The division is between those researches that concluded that the consumption of red wine can help control and reduce diabetes, and those which didn’t find proof of wine having any effect at all over the insulin and cholesterol levels.

Moderation is key

These benefits of drinking wine before bed only apply when it’s done in moderation. An excessive intake will not only cancel these, it will also bring side-effects and dangers of its own.

The recommended intake is about one drink of 4oz. per day for women, and two for males.

If you want to know more about wine and its benefits for your health, check out the presentation below by Jeannie Cho Lee, the first Asian Master of Wine.